Cablin' Out of Control

Happy Saturday All,

Hoping all had a good week and getting their weekend groove

My week was just down right busy, but I was able to get some knitting in and have been on a cablin' roller coaster...

I started another freestyle knit project and of course it will have major cables. In keeping with the spring color scheme, I opted for yellow, a/k/a I'm working up this short-sleeve sweater using Elann Esprit cotton/elastic yarn and I luv the way this yarn feels - talk about After casting on, my tension was all wonky, b/c of the elasticity, but thereafter it was on. Also, sometime ago I purchased Harmony Guides: Cables & Arans book , which consists of 250 stitches to knit.... did ja hear me 250! The cables in this book are awesome. So I chose an ascending tulip cable, oh my goodness!!! just down right puurrty. Here's a close
On the sewing front, I did some fabric shopping after visiting my favorite retail store... Ann Taylor Loft - I so want a wrap dress, and did some snoop shopping. I checked out the details of the Knit Faux Wrap Dress and off I went in search of knit fabric and my sister was kind enough to drive me around and help me get my hands on some. What gives??? I went to a few fabric shops and asked for knit fabric and the stuff is like scarce...sheesh. Well I finally found a fabric store that had some interesting knits....

In keeping with Fashion Trend Guidelines I opted for fabric that would compliment my body shape
Stripes - colorful, diagonal and askew stripes are intended to add curves where you want it, since I'm curveless, I need

Vertical - are suppose to make you look taller as they elongate the body, being only 5'3" I can use all the elongating I can get, wearing 3" heels is not
Fabric Purchases:
Black/white stripe knit
Blue printed paisley cotton fabric - Inspired by ATL Paisley Sheath Dress and ATL paisley skirt
Grey/black/beige/copper multi knit
Grey/pink stripe knit
mini-harlequin multi knit
lt. blue/black/white diagonal stripe knit
My daughter hung-out with me while I fussed over what fabric to work with first... As you can see she was not focusing on me as I pranced around drapping fabric across my body and dancing to

Well off to do some crafting... Enjoy your weekend.


Knitaholictoo said…
Wow 250, huh! The cable is gorgeous. Lovin the fabric too. This is a great time of year to sport some spring knits!
toya said…
I love your new fabric and your design inspirations!
That is a knit fabric haul!!! Did you get them locally? 'cause I'm buying most of my knits online these days. Places like,, fabric mart and emmaonesock. You should try them you might like some of what you see! I can't wait to see the finished wrap dress and I just won't go there with how kewl the knitted cables are!!!!
Angelia said…
I'm so jealous of your abilities with knitting!
Nice knits too!!
Liana said…
Your cables look great, and I love that yarn too! I used it for a pair of Twisted Flower Socks, and it has such a nice feel. Not too elastic-y, but a nice stretch.

Nice knit fabrics are hard to find, especially prints; you're lucky to have a local source.
Cas... said…
250 cable knit patterns! You will probably do them all by the end of the month! LOL!

Nice fabrics! I am jealous! I am 6 feet tall myself. What fabrics should I check out?

Cheryl Wray said…
I am ALL about wearing vertical strips, since I'm 5'3 too!!

Have fun cablin'!!!
Adrienne said…
Girl, looks great! Great fabrics too!
Anonymous said…
Love the fabric & the colors. Your dd is reeeeeal interested, huh? LOL.
Virtuous said…
Gurl you are rockin' those cables!!
k_purls2 said…
wow those cables look great. The color is very nice, reminds me of fresh tulips. oh thank God Spring is here!