Lawd Have Mercy

Thank Goodness Its Friday!!! I had a work week from hell, everybody and somebody wanted something from me, although I had that don't ask me for shyt look on my face. They asked me any dayummm way. I was doing magic tricks this week, for a second I was feeling like Davi.d

Although, I arrived home tired as all get out everyday this week, I did get some knitting done on my freestylin' project. What can I say about this project...ummmm, its coming along. I had a design in my head and somewhere between my head and doing the project things got out of control, more so the cables.

What I will say is I'm so in luv with Elann's Esprit yarn, which is cotton/elastic blend. The yarn is popular for making socks, and I tried it for this garment. Luv the blend in this yarn and the elastic fiber allows it to hold its shape exceptionally well. I'm thinking it would do well for bathing suits.

I finally broke down and purchased the Harmony needles oooo lala.. they are so purtty, and can't wait to start a new project. I have 6 balls of trendsetter ribbon yarn and looking for a pattern. So in the meantime I'll just keep admiring

As for sewing, my daughter has a line of garments she wants me to make and I have started the first one, which is New Look 6785, Version B. Although its a tunic, she plans on wearing it as a dress. I cut for a size 10, but its too big, if I figured it right I need to take in an 1". For fabric, she selected a blue lightweight cotton fabric, and I suggested for the yoke a contrasting fabric and pulled out my multi-blue paisley fabric and she agreed. I didn't realize there was gathering, which I have a fear of, but moved along anyway and cut the fabric and crossing eyes and toes that it comes out ok.
She's already telling me the dress is too long, sheesh, so, once she tries it on again, we will discuss the length she wants. I already got a feelin' she's thinking mid-thigh, which to me would make it a tunic...right...? Managed to get the sleeves done that required gathering as well and instead of hemming went with bias trim using the fashion fabric. Hopefully, I would like to finish it this weekend and squeeze in a project for me.
Ohh, I received Thread's latest issue and can't wait to read the article on "Sew With Your Serger". Also, Thread's has a pattern, that I would love to purchase, Kwik Sew 3558, which is a jacket with cute details, back peplum, box pleats, its so cute. Earlier in the week I stopped at the Loft and it has a suit jacket similar to it, would love to try my hand at making it instead of spending $89.00 and think I have the perfect fabric for it.

Enjoy the weekend.


Adrienne said…
Girl no you didn't say David Blaine!! LOL Love that paisley fabric!!!
Pajnstl said…
gathers annoy me lol But i like the contrasting fabric for our daughters dress/tunic.
Anonymous said…
That's funny that your daughter puts in orders for you, hee hee. Wish I could do that!

I hope your weekend crafting helps after your bad week.
Cas... said…
Wow! I had a bad week too. But things are getting better. Well I love your needles! I know you are excited!

The outfits for your daughter is too cute. I can't wait to see the finished projects!

Keep up the good work!
I like the Kwik Sew pattern too but it only goes up to an XL so I'm having usual!
Virtuous said…
Hope your weekend went much better!! :oD

And YAH!! Harmony needles!