Learning to Wrap up those Stripes

I know the wrap dress has been a timeless trend for a long time, but I have always felt that my body shape was not right for the garment, until recently. Since I have vowed to make more of my own clothes, I've taken the necessary steps to research what garments would work best for my body type. In my research lo & behold, the wrap dress is at the top of the list.

Some of the things I have learned about wrap dresses are:

1. vertical and diagonal lines are more slimming;

2. gives the illusion of lifting the bust and creating an hour-glass figure

3. can be accessorized with a wide belt instead of a sash;

4. the most versatile outfit for work and play;

5. has been around for centuries, like the kimono and toga, but as time moved on the wrap dress was streamlined; and

6. notably, Diane von Furstenberg, revolutionized the wrap dress creating the illusion of a more womanly shape, recognizing the importance of a garment that would work for various body shapes.

So I have started on my first dress project, I must also admit Toya & Adrienne, have inspired me tremendously and these young ladies are on a roll - check them out.

Project Pattern: New Look 6697 - Version B

Fabric: multi-stripe knit

I've managed to cut & baste stitch all the pieces and assembled it. I cut a size 16 and after trying it on must adjust it for a size 14, which should be an easy adjustment. I didn't realize the sleeves had pleats in them and wish not to use them, so I will use the sleeves from Version A and make them short-sleeves. Also, the stripes on the bodice are not lining up with the skirt part and with Liana's help, I've decided to remove the baste stitching and adjust it. Since there is a layer over the skirt part to mimic the wrap, I'm figuring I will work that piece, although the dress will always be worn with a belt. Definitely, in the future I will keep a mental note about making sure my stripes are aligned.

Baste Stitched Version


Adrienne said…
I LOVE the look of the belt with your dress. I have become hooked on colorful leather belts! I think I now own them in almost every color! LOL
toya said…
what attention to detail, matching up those vertical straps on a wrap dress,, wow
you are doing a beautiful job so far
Cas... said…
Good luck on your dress. For some reason I could not see your photos on the blog but I will check back later.
gold said…
Looking good!One day I am going to try and make a wrap dress.
Mary Sarah said…
Your dress looks fantastic! The belt is great with it! I'm jealous! You found some great fabrics and the cable knitting is absolutely amazing!!!
Angelia said…
Your wrap dress is looking hot! I can't wait to see it done! Love the way you've done the stripes!
Robin said…
It looks really nice! I agree that the wrap dress is flattering on almost everyone. I also like the vertical stripes - even more slimming.
Knitaholictoo said…
oooh, the belt was a nice touch!
Lashell said…
The dress looks great. I even like it with the belt.
Faye Lewis said…
GREAT LOOK! I love it with the belt also!
urbanknitrix said…
I love your dress and the belt really put the sass in it. Beautiful.
christina said…
Oh, stripes are challenging! Honestly, though, I like this look better with the belt.