June Capsule Contest

Carolyn posted about the June Capsule Contest and I thought it would be interesting to take part in.

So, I will be participating in the Contest over at Stitcher's Guild and orchestrated by Elizabeth. Its a mini-collection, which I think would be a good challenge for me, since I was thinking about doing a lil collection for spring/summer anyway. Of course, since its my first time trying my hand at doing several garments within a time frame, I'm nervous as all get-out...lol.

On the other hand, this would be a great way to do some fabric destashing, and was able to pull out several fabrics that I think would work, since the garments must coordinate. However, in looking at my color scheme, I'm thinking that I made need to add a bold color so the garments are not too bland.... ummm maybe I could knit a tank top....lol

1. Polyester
2. Stretch knit
3. Cotton/Spandex
4. Cotton Twill
5. Seersucker

So far, the tentative plan is to do a top, skirt, dress, pants and make a belt.

The patterns I will be using are:

Kwik Sew 2694 (top)

New Look 6843 (skirt)

Simplicity 2938 (dress & pants)

Kwik Sew 3427 (jacket)

The contest will run June 1 - June 30.
1. The capsule will consist of four garments and one accessory (purse, belt, headband, jewellery, etc).
One of the garments must be a top, one must be a bottom, all the tops must co-ordinate with all the bottoms and the accessory must co-ordinate with them all.
2. One of the items can be purchased and one can be made before June.
3. All the other items must be sewn, knitted, crafted etc during June.
4. Twist: no black items.

This weekend I'm hoping to get started on my storyboard to get a better idea of which fabrics to pair with the patterns.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Cas... said…
Wow! I think this contest will be perfect for you! Just perfect! I love your fabrics too. I like the top and the jacket the best. I can't wait to see which fabrics you use for each item too. I really like the seersucker a lot!

Keep us updated!
Kelroc said…
Like the fabric choices. I agree with you I bold color, maybe an accessory with do the trick.
Adrienne said…
Ohhh Good Luck!!!! I love your fabrics!
Cheryl Wray said…
Good luck with the contest!!

(And happy early Mother's Day!)
Pajnstl said…
I'm thinking of playing along w/i actually entering the contest, since i've not EVER been on that message board..
good luck to you and Ms. Carolyn!!
i like that seersucket too!
Sheila - I'm so glad that you've entered and decided to play along! I think at last count there were 48 people committed to the contest!!! You probably could knit a tank top and begin it now since you are allowed one article made prior to the start of the contest.

Personally I like the darker pinstripe as a starting point...it gives you a lot of color and then the other shades accent it. JMHO!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Angelia said…
Exciting!! Love your fabrics, but I do think a bold color would be extra nice!
Can't wait to see your story board!