Rolling on 24s & 88s

Instead of working on my June Capsule Collection, I've been forced to enter the sports arena. Yes, Sports!!! I must admit that I am clueless when it comes to sports, but the men in my life are forcing me to take part.

My dh, db & dd are sports FaNaTiCs!!!, they watch any and everything, from baseball, tennis, football, golf, nascar, boxing... I could go on and on. When you enter a room you are guaranteed to find a tv tuned to a sport...ughhh!

I've had to endure late nights of sports gathering, where the noise level could force you to call the

My db was kind enough to take me to the fabric store and while hanging out with me he mentioned he would love lounge shorts. I said oh... ok, I told him to pick out what he wanted and I'll make them. Well he came rolling back with 24s & I looked at him then the fabric and said what in the world is that? He chuckled and said this fabric is a must... gotta have some

They are serious nascar fans and what would make their day is sporting lounge shorts while they hang out in the backyard.

The pattern is Simplicity 4639 (00p), consisting of pants and shorts. I used cotton fabric. The pattern is a piece of cake just two pieces, drawstring and some serging and its a wrap. They love them so much, that I had to go out and buy more fabric, but I played it safe and purchased plaids....haha!

Here they are tinkering with my

Now back to the sewing machine to make some for dad.


Faye Lewis said…
How nice of you to sew for the men folks. I know they love them.
Virtuous said…
Gurl I was too busy listening to J. Hud & Luther before I could comment! LOL

Y'all need to come on down to Charlotte for the races here!

I would love to meet you! ;o)
Liana said…
Good for you to make such personalized gifts. I know they love them, even if they don't realize what a sacrifice it is to take away from your "you" sewing time. Happy Birthday a little late, too!
Lesalicious said…
Loving the shorts. Iam not a shorts fan myself but, men can wear there butts some shorts lol. I know they happy to know that there is a sewer in the family that can hook them up with some gear lol.:) great job
gold said…
Those are really nice!I am going to have to make some for my son to take to school with him.
Cas... said…
Cool shorts for the men! I was wondering if you were going to do anything for them soon. I see you have. Perfect for them too!
Sheila said…
Thanks. I was laughing at them - we are not allowed to repair cars in our driveway... so they pulled the car to the back of the yard to do it... no less in the shorts I made for