Butterick 4985

Happy Sunday All,

Talk about torrential rain, thunder & lighting... that's what my day consisted of, which to some degree is a good thing. The grass and flowerbeds needed a heavy dose of watering, also it allowed me to get a few things done around the house and lastly, I finished my butterick top.I've coveted this blouse for sometime now. I first came across it via Domestic Haven and then Starting from Scratch, love their versions and knew I had to get my hands on the pattern. Well, while at the fabric store a few weeks ago with a friend looking for patterns for a dress, I spotted B4985 and was ready to bolt from the store. But my dear friend reminded me we still hadn't found a dress pattern for her....lol.
I did Version B, which has the gathered sleeves w/ sleeve bands and stand-up collar.
Again, while at a fabric store I spotted this lightweight white/black cotton floral print fabric and knew it would be perfect for B4985.
I must say the garment has several pieces, 11 to be exact and cutting & marking was time consuming, but I paced myself. Last Sunday, I ironed & cut pattern pieces, Monday marked pieces, Tuesday baste stitched upper front to back, and so on. Which worked out great, since I was feeling a little ho hum a week or so ago, from going to bed very late, in an attempt to finish garments.
The pattern instructions were easy for the most part. However, I must say the collarband through me for a loop. I've made a few garments with collars, but had yet to do a collarband, so the process of affixing the collarband to the collar was definitely a trying one, but I persevered.
Gathered sleeves are new for me and when I tried on the blouse at that moment an epiphany hit - I realized that the gathered sleeves lifted my sloping shoulders.. now who would've thunk it...lol

One of 2 issues I did have was the interfacing, I felt that the sleeveband didn't need it, but realized it after the fact. After I'd adhered the interfacing to the sleeveband and stitched it to the sleeve edge, then folded for final stitching I noticed the sleeveband was too stiff. I could've done without the interfacing and just folding the sleeveband would have been sufficient.

The second issue was the interfacing bleeding. Yeah WTH!... After completing the garment, as usual I hand washed and did notice the water looking greenish, but didn't think much of it. I placed the garment on top of a towel for drying. Since the fabric is lightweight it dried quickly and then noticed the green streaks where interfacing was used.
Has any had this problem before?
Its new to me. This garment has been washed more times in one day than any of my other garments...lol. But FINALLY all of the streaks were removed.
Love the end result of this blouse. First and foremost, I realized the gathered sleeves lifted my shoulders and the lower panels add waist shaping. You can't beat that...lol

The pattern called for four 5/8 buttons, but I went with 6 white basic buttons and spaced them 2" apart as opposed to 2-1/2".
Looking forward to starting another one immediately. I found some fabric in my stash, which I purchased last year for a dress, but re-thinking its purpose. Its an embroidered cotton sateen fabric in peach and have since hand washed and tossed in the dryer and just waiting to be ironed.

Click here for Pattern Review.
Have a Great Sunday!


Anonymous said…
What a great looking top. I love the puff sleeves. Nice job!
Adrienne said…
Good job! I need to pull this one out too!
Cas... said…
I really like your top. Great job.

I also like the fabric you are using to make another one. Should be purty! LOL!
urbanknitrix said…
Girl, I love that top (but of course I love everything you make). Very pretty print and love the fact it makes the waist look slimmer - I need that.
Lashell said…
Your blouse came out beautifully. I've been tapped to make another one for my siser since she loved mine so much. lololol
Mary Sarah said…
Gorgeous! Love the fabric choice for this and the next one!
Cheryl Wray said…
Love that blouse. It's so pretty!
Andrea said…
I love this pattern. I've looked at it several times and had my hands on it to buy it. I'm sorry I didn't now. Your's turn out great, and I love the fabric you used.
Sheila said…
Thanks for the awesome compliments. I'd plan to start cutting for the second one tonight, but now that I've eaten... I'm suffering from sleepitis...lol.
Cennetta said…
Too cute, girl. This pattern is a winner. I must pick it up.
Angelia said…
The interfacing was bleeding through???? What!
Thank goodness it came out!!
Its beautiful! Can't wait to see it on ya.
Love the peach fabric!

Wanna hear something funny... I've been trying to crochet again!
and its not working out... but I love crocheted stuff so much!!!
Do you have any good sites or books you recommend for silly girls like me who don't get crochet?
Tany said…
Fabulous job and excellent work on the collar band!