Goodies, Abstract Mess & more

I hope everyone had a fabulous July 4th. I enjoyed myself with family & friends and of course

Goodies.... Yahooowee! I received this cool package from Andrea, who just got married... sending more Congrats to You Sista Friend!!!

I was has happy as a kid on Christmas day when I opened the package, she sent me the premier issue of Burda's Verena Knitting Magazine, which is the hottest talk in knit town and it features some awesome patterns. When I first heard about the magazine I went off to Borders, but no luck and now I have it in my hands...... Thanks to Andrea - you are the
Here are a few of my favorites:

Also, she was so sweet to send me Sockina Cotton yarn, which is so soft and she must know that I love variegated yarn. My pic doesn't do it any justice... it has beautiful shades of rust/apricot/beige/brown and I'm anxious to work it up, but will behave and finish the project that's currently on my But you know my hands are itching to start working it up..haha!

I have some more yarn candy, Sheila was doing some destashing and I acquired some of her lovely natural Pima Cotton. I've been wanting to try my hand at dyeing and the pima cotton is just what I needed... check out the her Kool aid dyed yarn, isn't it pretty. So look out for some kool-aid drama coming to a blog near

What makes it a beautiful thing is that my awesome packages are guaranteed to boost my knitting mojo and compel me to finish my current project and jump on to a new one... between the sockina cotton yarn, the pima cotton and the Verena Mag... you know its
I can't recall the last time I picked up my crochet hook before this weekend. A Dear Blogger Friend... Lesa, a mom of two lovely little girls, is a crocheting diva. She makes such cute items for her daughters and right now her daughter Nesa is going through a rough time. Nesa suffers from liver disease and is awaiting a liver transplant and mom promised her baby a blanket to take with her every time she goes to the hospital. To help her fulfill her baby's wish, along with several others we are contributing squares for her blanket. Click here for more info about Nesa's Squares.

On the sewing front, I received my Janome 900CP and I Luvvvvvvvvv It! She proudly sits with my mini collection of sewing paraphernalia... isn't she a
I immediately put her to work, using New Look 6684 I made my daughter a tube top with some leftover fabric and another one for me with this fabric, which I failed to take a pic of. The CoverPro did its job.....muaaah... did I say I Luv It!!lol

Ok, let's talk about an abstract mess. I purchased this fabric about a week ago and thought it perfect for a crop jacket (Simplicity 2975). I envisioned it with beige pants and a tank. Well, I just knew I cut the fabric pieces correctly so that the print would flow evenly... uhhh what the heck happened?

But you know what.... I'm going to make it work. I decided I would use grosgrain ribbon to trim out the front left/right edges to break it up. So I pinned the ribbon to the front to get a visual... what do you think?
Also, I need to recut the lining, I used that darn black wax marker for markings and realized that the markings were very noticeable on the lining and couldn't remove them, so I had to cut out the dayummm lining. After reading several blogs about using washable Crayola markers on fabric - I marched my azz on over to Walmart and picked up some washable Crayola markers and will test it out tonight.
Wow!! I think this is my longest post


Tracey said…
Hi Sheila, I haven't make any comments on your blog in a while so I thought I would let you know how much I like your mini capsule and the tube top. You didn't seem to be satisfied with the cropped jacket but I don't see what's wrong with it. When are going to make more of you beautiful knitted/crocheted creations? No pressure. LOL
toy said…
congrats on your new sewing machine and like the knits your previewed from the magazine, I can see why you are happy to have it.
I know you will figure out the jacket, you always do!
Adrienne said…
I love that green tank! I picked up that mag too! It's a good one!! I bought yarn for a new knitting project too lol. SOOOOO glad you got your CP machine! I LOVE MINE!!!!! That thing is THE BOMB! LOL
Virtuous said…
Haha!! That probably was your longest post ever! But I was too busy listening to Kirk Franklin!! LOL ;op

Great packages! I hope your knitting mojo kicks back in soon with the excitement from those goodies!

I love the crop jacket and I KNOW you will make it work out! Haha!

Hope you had a great 4th holiday weekend!
Cas... said…
What a nice package to receive! I see a pair of socks soon in your future! LOL!

The tank is too cute! I want one! Maybe one day I will start knitting too!

The jacket is cute. I learned to use the washable crayola markers when sewing. You will definitely like them!

Congratulations on your sewing machine purchase too! I have a question for you. Do you keep a certain color thread in your serger for quick projects? I had a sewing teacher that had three and she kept black in one always. I wondered if you did the same.

I like long posts personally!
Sheila said…
Hello All and Thanks for stopping by.

Hopefully, I will work on the jacket today and redo the lining, which is the most important thing I want to master. I haven't decided yet if I will do the ribbon. Abstract Mess or not I will make it

@ Cassandra: I usually keep black in my serger, and growl... when I have to change it to a light color. Actually when I did the yellow blouse for my capsule I was too lazy to change the thread to a light color, and it worked out b/c you can't see the seams.

Now, I've learned to just replace the black thread with grey thread by snipping the top of the threads and tying knots to each one and pulling the light threads through the loopers, which eliminates rethreading.

@ Tracey, Welcome back. I've definitely been slacking on my knitting & crochetting and currently trying to finish a knit project. Actually I've been eyeing a crochet top in the latest Crochet! mag, so that is on my crochet to do list.
NikkiJ said…
Are you going to practice on some other yarn first before trying on that what looks like perfect pima cotton. It's up to you, but I'm drooling over the cotton and can't wait to see you crochet it up.
Lashell said…
Congrats on your new sewing machine. Now I don't feel so bad about wanting to add to my collection. I cannot wait to see the finshed cropped jacket. It's going to look fabulous.
Pajnstl said…
that green knit tank is very cute....

And I made a top using that same black and white material you made your halter out of... lol Great minds!
Robin said…
Glad you got your new Janome machine and it's working well for you! Great tube top. I am irritated with NL 6571 - did you have trouble getting the crossover section to work? I'm making the dress version of the top you made and having a heck of a time. It's just kind of hanging in the front.
gold said…
Wow that looks like a great sewing machine!
After looking at the pic in that knitting magazine makes me want to continue on learning how to knit.
Your jacket looks great to me!
Good save on the jacket! That was my thought to add some trim to the edges to take away from the mismatch!

And wow, you have more sewing machines than I do! That is some collection...congrats on the new machine!!!
Lesalicious said…
WOW you is in the sewing world with all those sewing machines. Love the tube top cute. We always can totally use leftovers to make something else fabalous to wear. The chop jacket is neat great job. Thanks for the shout out, Nesa's blanket is coming along slowly but, surely thanks:)
Sheila said…
Hello All and Appreciate the Comments. I finished the crop jacket last nite. I decided not to go with the grosgrain ribbon, thinking that a nice cream top would divert the eyes from the mismatch Pics to follow soon.

@ Robin - I didn't have any trouble with the cross over sections actually I used elastic. I placed the elastic on the right side the fabric bias edge and stitched, pulling the elastic just a little as I sewed and then fold over to the wrong side and stitched again. I can't remember if I used 3/8 or 1/4 elastic.
Knitaholictoo said…
Enjoy your treasures! Esp the new machine. Thank you for sharing about Nesa, I would love to make squares.
Cheryl Wray said…
Wow!! I just love those patterns on the blouses. Just gorgeous!!

You are just so creative and crafty.

Isn't happy mail great??
Faye Lewis said…
Don't you just love the coverpro. I'm in love with mine too. I've been stocking up on different colors of thread from Joann's $1.99 cones because I do love sewing knits and want to be able to match different colors on my hems. Love your new designs too.
artist1lisa said…
Great goodies! Congradulation on the new Coverstitch machine.I've been admiring the Verena magazine too.I'm looking forward to seeing what you will make from it.As far as your jacket...I know your gonna "Make it work".You've got skills.
Monique said…
You've been a very busy girl. Good for you with your new goodies AND your new machine. You will be too busy for words.
Angelia said…
Yay you! Got a new machine!! The knits in that Burda mag look beautiful... and so once again I'm wishing I could crochet or knit better.
I like the cute cropped jacket.. when you put it with you complete outfit I bet it will look fabulous!
Vonne said…
Hi Sheila, I love your new jacket .. you did a great job. The fabric would have been a tricky fabric to cut/match for any garment. Congratulations on your new CP machine...I love mine too.