Patterns for my Fall Wardrobe

So I found patterns for my Fall Wardrobe and believe that they best fit the garments from my inspiration list. Some patterns I have and some I need to buy. In going through my patterns, I noticed that a few were duplicates and leading me to revamp how I store my patterns, maybe create a list. Right now I have most of them stored in a box in which a computer was delivered and some in bins, which works for me, but I really need to list them for easy reference.

How do you store your patterns? Do you have a list of what you have? Do you note which ones you've sewn?

Here are some of the patterns, which are subject to change, if I come across something new and

Vest: B4815

Crop Jacket/Coat: B5088 & B5187 & V8429

Pants: KS3385 & V8457

Blouses: V7799 & V8390

Wrap dresses: B5206


Pajnstl said…
you have a nice line up :)
Now are you going to make some pieces more than once using different fabrics? Or will this be one collection?

Im always curious how people decide what pattern gets made repeatedly. It's just like shopping. You dont (well i dont) buy the same shirt in every color that they have.

Thats where i run to problems and lose my mojo. i dont want to sew the same thing once ive made it..

ok let me get out of your comments with my rambling.
Sheila said…
There are at least 3 patterns that I would like to repeat using differnt versions of the garment. The vest is one of them, pants and possibly the wrap dress. It also depends on the ease of construction. If I have a hard time putting it together... its a one hit
Adrienne said…
Great picks. I am so loving the vest...I think I said that already lol.

I store my patterns in a three drawer sterilite container. I have them organized by type of garment. I have to go through them regularly so I won't buy the same pattern twice.

I love that vogue turtleneck. I have that one too.

Can't wait to see it all come together.
Christina said…
Nice matches to your inspiration garments. I want to make a vest, too!
Sheila said…
The tricky part is trying to use fabric from my stash that I can mix and match the pieces. So this weekend I will pull out fabric and see what I can work with. I'm trying to behave and avoid buying more fabric. But one never
Virtuous said…
Gurl stop rushing fall!! :o)
Cas... said…
Nice patterns! I can't wait to see what you make. It should be a wonderful collection.

Now I just developed a new system for keeping up with my patterns. I went to the pattern websites and copied the photos to a word document as thumbnails and cut them out. I then purchased a small journal book and taped one to an individual page to put notes. I carry this in my purse so when I think I need another pattern or fabric I will have the measurements and necessary information to do so. I am just starting this process but I am looking to assess the flaws and update my little sewing journal.

urbanknitrix said…
Wow. I can't wait to see the finished products. I love all your pattern choices.
Mary Sarah said…
Great selection! I can't wait to see the fabrics you choose. Patterns? I have mine in a couple of stackable plastic drawers. I sort of have them sorted by tops, pants, skirts, etc. I need to buy another one because I've filled up the two I have.
kaybee00 said…
I can't wait to see the finished garments! Last year I was lucky enough to snag a pattern cabinet from the local Hancock's that was closing. I have an Excel spreadsheet listing all my patterns and take that with me when shopping.
Faye Lewis said…
I am such a pattern HOGG! I a have almost all of the patterns you showed except maybe 3. I'm greedy and I still want more (lol).
Angelia said…
Really love what you've picked out!
Can't wait to see it all come together!!

I have my pattern envelops in page protectors and arranged in binders by garmet type... then I have the actual patterns in gallon plastic bags, in filing boxes and filed by number..
That way I can just take out my binder and look through my patterns then get the ones I want from the file.
Current patterns are stored in one 6 drawer sterlite container, 1 4 drawer cloth and steel container and a bin...let's not even talk about all the other patterns from years and years of sewing that are stored in banker's boxes in a closet.

I would like to move to a system where I store all patterns in some CD shelves from Ikea but I need time and effort for that and just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Robin said…
Great patterns! I like Angelia's comment about the way she stores her patterns as I'm looking for a new system myself!