City, Shopping & Sewing

A dear friend and I enjoyed a beautiful day in the City last week, shopping, eating and just having fun. We started out at 10:00am @ Rockefeller Center and walked along enjoying the morning hustle of people. Quick visit to BCBGmaxazria, why did the sales consultants look like secret service I was afraid to remove a handbag from its shelf, fearing they may draw their I fell in love with this Tote $348.00 and Blouse - I like the pleat and the way they accessorized it with a belt. Hunger set in so we stopped at Dishestogo for a quick breakfast.

Thereafter, had to visit the street vendors and check-out the pashminas
My friend needed buttons, she had one button left from a garment and was hoping she would be able to find exact one. So a visit to MJ Trimmings was in order, I hadn't been there in over 10 years and WoW have they expanded, I was so overwhelmed that I didn't buy one However, my friend was able to get the exact buttons that she wanted.
Then I was in bead heaven, I think we spent a good 40 minutes in Yorkbeads. I purchased a few things, but had to really control myself. Look at that wall of beads. We continued walking and checking out various stores and ended up at 28th Street, but the hustlers quickly gave us reason to move right So we jumped on the train to Little Italyand decided we would have lunch at Ferrara Cafe

Talk about ummm umm finger lickin good pastries... 2df!! You know I had to have cannoli... actually our lunch consisted of nothing but
Before heading to Queens we stopped at N.Y. Fabric Warehouse (406 Broadway, NYC 10013) which is a small shop packed floor to ceiling with fabric. It definitely could've used better lighting, but the young lady was so helpful, pulling the bolts out and schlepping them as far as to just outside the shop for a better look. They had some lovely suiting fabric and again I refrained from spending buck wild and just settled for 3 pieces:

This one

this one

and this one, the pic doesn't do it any justice, but a lovely blue/lt. blue argyle

We ended our day by having dinner at Mardi Gras Cajun Creole Rest. OmGoodness I had the best dish, which was Salmon with mussels, clams, shrimps & calamari in a cilantro sauce & rice.

I had the audacity to attempt more shopping in Forest Hills, which had a few shops and browsed them quickly realizing I was too tired to continue shopping and dragged myself into the house at 10:00pm... Talk about a long day!

With the 3 day weekend I was able to work up one of the fabrics.

The bold diamond fabric.
Pattern: New Look 6952, Misses blouses with 5 options, including ruffled hem. This pattern is super easy and the button placket was just as easy, it was just a matter of folding along the fold lines & stitching. I'm considering covered snaps using the fashion fabric instead of buttons, now if only I could remember where I saw the tutorial on covered The pattern includes a cuff for Version E, but omitted that and cut them shorter by 4".
Only thing that remains for this blouse are the snaps and will search for the tutorial on covered snaps and lastly hem the sleeves.
Until then... have a fab Week!


Sheila - that is a great blouse! I love your fabric choices and will have to take down the name of the shop you went to and try it out...thanks, I think for a new fabric resource! *LOL*
Mary Sarah said…
Great blouse! I love the fabric you used and the others you bought! I've never been to NY and it looks like you had a wonderful day!
Anonymous said…
WOW! That is a wonderful blouse and you whipped it up that fast!? You need to come over here and give me some sewing lessons, really fast...I love the blue argyle so much...Gina
Andrea said…
Hey Sheila,

Your trip in to the City sounded and looked wonderful. I need to make that trip in the near future. I love the fabrics that you purchased and that blouse is gorgeous. Here's are 2 tutorials I found on line. I hope they help.
Cas... said…
Looks like a fabulous day of shopping and eating. I love cannoli too but only the ones without chocolate chips. YUCKO!

I like your blouse!

Keep up the good work!
Christie said…
Oh, how I love NYC. I'm so jealous!
toy said…
your purchases are great,looks like you had a fabulous time too
Sue said…
What a beautiful blouse - tell me how did you match the pattern so well?
Pajnstl said…
fun times!! cute shirt!!
Opal said…
Sorry for snooping in your blog. but I came across your site on pattern review and I have become a regular reader. Very pretty blouse good choice of fabric. I also like the other pieces that you purchased. Is this a new store in that area? I usually go to P & J fabrics but the next time I am in that area I will definitely check them out.
Kamika said…
Great fabrics and I love that bag! I'm so happy you ladies had so much fun!
Lesalicious said…
I see you on a roll already with your new fabric. Love all your fabrics. WOW you had a world of a adventure there.:)
Adrienne said…
Looks like you had a great time!!!!!
Sheila said…
Thanks all for the compliments and enjoying post - Why am I still thinking about that

@ Sue: I have yet to master matching print and this was just a

@ Opal: The fabric shop looks like its been there for some time, but not sure. I will definitely checkout P&J Fabrics on my next venture. Thanks.

@ Andrea: Thanks for the links.
Melodye said…
Sheila - what a wonderful day. Shopping, food and friends. And to cap it off you have a wonderful new blouse. I love the way you mached the print across the front. I wish we had the fabric resources here that you all have. Internet shopping is great, but sometimes a girl needs instant gratification. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of fyour haul.
Virtuous said…
What a GREAT trip!!

I would just love to make my way into MJ Trimmings!!

Great buys!
Faye Lewis said…
Great looking fabric. What a nice weekend.
gold said…
First of all!!That blouse is awesome with that fabric GIRL!!

Sounds like you had a good time shopping with your friend.
Robin said…
Great pictures!! I adore the shirt - what a perfect fabric choice for it! I didn't realize MJ Trimming was a physical store as well as a website!
Susan said…
Your blouse came out great! The fabric choice is perfect. It looks so silky - both an office piece with a jacket or a top to go out on the town.
Looks like you had a wonderful time. How lucky you are to have so many stores to choose from, and restaurants :)
Your shirt looks great.I like the fabric, and I really like the blue argyle :)
Isabelle from Kitty Couture had made a little video about covering buttons. You might find it helpful :) (It's the third one down dated Dec 8th)
Lashell said…
That blouse is beautiful. I love the fabric you chose.
Angelia said…
Great blouse... great fabric finds!
Looks like y'all had a blast!!