Joyce Asked

Hi Shelia,
I was just wondering if you were still crocheting. I have seen all of the sewing and knitting projects, but hadn't seen any crochet.

I really would like to know how do you get all of the yarn projects to fit so well. I made my first wedding garter belt and it fit at first then it started to fall off her leg and to do some pinning.

Also, on your kniiting and crochet projects, how do you weave in your ends to ensure they don't come out after you give it to the receiver. Any help with these questions is greatly appreciated.

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for Visiting. Its been a while since I've crocheted, but recently got back into the swing of it and for starters working on 2 baby blankets.

I do a lot of free-style crocheting and my technique may vary. But for the most part when crocheting garments, I select the crochet pattern size that best fits my measurement and also use an existing garment as a template to help ensure a good fit.

For sweaters, I like to use a blouse or an existing sweater that fits perfectly to help with shaping & fit as I go along. On another note, when working with acrylics or acrylic blends, be mindful that there is a lot of ease after wearing, wherein the garment ends up a lil bit bigger. With that I may crochet a garment a size smaller, and use my template to help determine that the smaller size is close to my fit.

When I made the Blue Isle Twist and the Copper Kettle Sweater, I used an old sweater that fit just right. I have a weird way of swatching wherein I may do 8 inches of crochet sweater and at that time will place the crochet project atop the template to determine that the waist is a close fit and yes I've had the occasion to rip back to the But its a tremendous help also with length of garment and armhole size.

As for weaving in my yarn ends, I take the hanging strand and split it in twousing hook bring each end of the strand through the closet color coordinated stitches, if its a long strand I will feed it through several stitches, but most often I cut it to about 3" and then tie a knot, two times for good

I use Fray Check to seal the knots, making sure not to use too much b/c that stuff can get really hard.

and cut the excess ends.

and the knot disappears into the stitches.

I hope I answered your questions and look forward to seeing your crochet projects so feel free to stop by anytime.

All Dear Crocheters & Knitters out there please join me in sharing your tips and techniques for weaving in yarn ends and getting perfect knit & crochet garments.


urbanknitrix said…
Thanks for the tip.
Cas... said…
I usually crochet right over my ends or weave them in like you. I seldom make knots.

As for fit I am working on it. It's a long and hard process in my opinion but I am a beginner.
Mary Sarah said…
I like your technique for weaving ends. It sounds less noticable than mine. I usually leave about 6 to 8inches of yarn and use a tapestry needle to weave ends. Great tip!
Cheryl Wray said…
You are SO creative. I love all of your stuff!