Lil Bit of This & B4985

Happy Saturday
Enjoyed my morning watching DH tend to his flowers, and also got in some crocheting. After participating in crocheting squares for Nesa's Blanket, I've had the urge to crochet and pulled out some yarn and hook and sat outside this morning now that it's free of the killer

I've started on a baby blanket for my niece whose expecting in October. I didn't use a pattern for this blanket, just free stylin' as I go along, I'm working this blanket up using single crochet and half-double crochet stitches, but will look for a pattern for a baby sweater. I got a lot done in a short time and it felt good hooking

Even Mr. Roco enjoyed the morning relaxing on the lawn, he was actually behaving himself for once.
Also cut and marked all the pieces for my 2nd Butterick 4985, and had to ask myself why I was doing it a second time... after the tedious task of cutting & marking.. oh yeah... I really like the first one...lolThe fabric is an embroidered cotton sateen as was told to me by the sales clerk, but wondering now if it has some silk in it, after washing the fabric its butter soft, not like the other cotton sateen I've worked with.
As I was pinning and basting the fabric I started wondering about puckered seams. The pins I normally use were not going through the fabric easily and leaving pin holes so I switched to silk pins. Once I started sewing the pieces together the fabric started pulling into the throat plate....uggh.
Managed to get pass that and have completed the body of the blouse and finished the seam edges with zigzag stitches. I should've used the serger, but I was too lazy to change the thread...hehe. So far it seems to be coming together nicely, but I'm thinking about changing the sleeves by eliminating the gathering at the cap & hem, omitting the sleeve band and doing an elastic hem. While sitting outside at lunch time, I spotted a young lady wearing a pretty blouse with what looked like elastic hem at the sleeves of her blouse. The sleeves were not puffy, but appeared to have elastic and thought it was cute detail. Well off to figure how to work that out.
Have a Great Weekend.


Virtuous said…
Ooh look at you trying to keep your namesake by bring back out the hook! ;o)

Have a wonderful Sunday Sheila!!
Cas... said…
I like your blanket you are making for your niece.

I also like your top too. I say second time will be better than the first. Good luck with it.

Your dog is a handsome fella. I wish I had a dog. But my cat wouldn't be very happy.
jae said…
you look so organized with your sewing pieces out and such. i found a sewing machine I can HAVE that a friend of mine isnt uisng anymore! yay. a singer
Nashe' said…
baby blankies seem to be the trend of late !!! yours looks great !
Lesalicious said…
Your blouse is coming along nice. Love the fabric you use nice. I see you back into the crochet mood huh lol. Great work on the blanket.:)
Sheila - do you have a straight stitch plate or straight stitch foot for your machine? It will eliminate the fabric being sucked down into the machine...or you can just put some clear scotch tape over the throat plate on your sewing machine and that will also solve the pattern.

Also to avoid the gathering on the seams, use some tissue paper pinned to the seams and sew them in one direction - top to bottom or bottom to top but not both!

The top is looking good!
Knitaholictoo said…
Dh's gardening work pays off! Beautiful. Cotton, really? It got a nice sheen to it.