is the new name for New Look 6598. I'm nearing the finishing line...whewww! Affixing the collar/front facing was very trying. Once I laid it out an image of a winged dinosaur came to This is what it looks like on the underside, whether its right or wrong... its a done deal.

Here is the the rightside result. It looks ok and there's no bunching of fabric on the underside. So I'm feeling ok about this blouse... oops I mean Pterodactyl.

The sleeves are another issue, I don't like them... they're too long, and have since recut them for a shorter length and may do gathered hem instead. Thereafter what remains are the buttons. The picture doesn't do them any justice, but they are glass buttons.

Also, I stopped by Carolyn for a quick visit while at work yesterday and BAM! fell in love with her Top Ten Post and Vintage Patterns. Then I spent my entire lunchbreak surfing after seeing her argyle fabric..... 2DF!!!

Well I purchased a few yards of:
Then I saw some more sweater knits and thought do I want to knit a sweater with cobweb yarn... heck no!... so I will try my hand at sewing a sweater.

While awaiting delivery I will sift through my patterns to pair with these fabrics.... Any Pattern Suggestions?
Then I tippy-toed over to Wal.mart and fell in love with:
S4044 - I like the style of the jacket, which is a throw back to the dominant silhouette of the 1940s with broad shoulders that tapered to a tailored waist over pants or skirt. The pants are really cute, I like the wide legged style, although I customarily shy away from high waisted pants, I'm willing to give these a try and really like the v at the waist, which is a cute detail. The A-line skirt is doable too, can envision it with Knee-high boots, waiting to be worn.
Grabbed up S2868 - the jumper caught my eye and think the shaping is better than others I've seen, the belt adds a cute touch also.
Lastly another blouse pattern, NL6952 - like the hidden button detail on this blouse

Carolyn also reminded me that I have a vest pattern and found this one in my stash.
Off to finish the Pterodactyl.


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh. That is hilarious!! I had all the same fabric in my cart but didn't buy it....yet. You have got to tell me how you like yours when it arrives. Especially that argyle!
Adrienne said…
I think everyone is looking at that argyle! I love it too lol.
Lesalicious said…
LOL Pterodactyl lol. But, your jacket is coming along nicely done loving that fabric. You can do it let your mean side show while fighting with it lol. Looks like you got a lot of things up your sleeve this upcoming months. :)
Faye Lewis said…
Great choices!
Cas... said…
Looking good! You are doing a terrific job!

Love the patterns and materials too! I can't wait to see what you make.
Well I'm always happy to point someone in the direction of good fabric! Now you know the argyle knit is going to have a crepey texture to it? It's not going to be smooth and that the stripe is gold? I like your other choices too...I bought some other sweater knits from them a couple of weeks ago and was real happy with what I got.
gold said…
Your Pterodactyl is looking good!!
Can't wait to see what you come up with for that knit fabric.
Mary Sarah said…
I love your Pterodactyl! LOL! I love all those patterns. I've been eyeing every single one. Great fabrics too! Can't wait to see what you make!
urbanknitrix said…
That argyle looks so nice. Love it.
KO said…
I know this is a six year old post, but I was drawn here by the vest pattern! I have been searching for one like this for you know what number it is?
Sheila said…
Hi KO and Thanks for visiting. The vest pattern is 4079.