Tees to Blouses

One day this week I went in search of a blouse to wear with a suit and really wanted to wear a button-up, but I'd worn the 2 button-ups I made and then noticed the abundance of tees, all in solid colors (I'm talking about a chest full of tees in every conceivable color). I had to sit back for a second and mumbled to myself - how did it come to this. At what point did I slip into a tee wearing fanatic (I will admit they are not your standard tees, but sheesh I started counting and stopped at 30... talk about too many...lol.

I do have long sleeve button-ups, which are reserved for colder climates, but as I looked deeper, I actually had one short-sleeve button-up blouse that I'd purchased from the Loft last year..... ONE short-sleeve rtw button blouse....lol... who owns ONE short-sleeve blouse. Uhhh I guess I do...haha! So Friday, I just settled on a tee and vowed that I needed blouses. Well Friday I ventured to a lil shop called DeJanerio near my job and gleamed the lovely blouses and thinking this is the year of button-ups with cute gathered sleeves. It took all of my strength to keep from grabbing up a few....lol.

Instead I went home glad that I overcame the temptation to buy. Immediately thereafter I sifted through my box of patterns and selected New Look 6598, which is a basic button-up blouse with front and back darts, back tie, with collar and sleeve variations.

I'm doing Version B

I'm using quilting weight cotton from Classic Cottons with a deep red background and small floral print.
Love my darts, I'm getting so much better at them, they are nearly invisible.The pattern instructions are for the most part easy. However, just when I think I have the collar technique down-pact, I find myself scratching my head on applying another collar. This blouse has an under-collar and the upper- collar is part of the facing .... WTH! I tempered myself and read the instruction for the 6th time regarding the collar application, finally I think I got it, but abruptly interrupted with the installation of a back facing...ugghh
I finally got that figured out and too darn tired to apply this peculiar collar/front facing...lol - I will work on it tomorrow.
On another note, I found some cute buttons to go with it, despite the fact that they are very small, I like that they match the blouse. I couldn't see using black buttons, which I thought would stand-out.
Oh! before I forget, I finally broke down and purchased a tracing wheel and tracing paper. Marking darts are truly trying using straight pins. Hoping that they give me as much joy as my rotary cutter...lol


Cas... said…
Love the blouse! I can't wait to see the finished garment. You are amazing. You go shopping find something you like and run home to make it. Dang gurl! You are making me feel bad. I got to get going on my sewing! LOL!

I can't wait to see the blouse finished! MAKE IT WORK!
toy said…
love the color, its nice to add separates when you can to your wardrobe, everyone once in a while I break away and make a classic piece. Can't wait to see it
You've been making darts with straight pins? OMG, I wish I had known I would have sent you some tracing paper and a tracing wheel! :)

As for the tees...can I say that about tank tops! Yeap, every color and around 30 and quite a few of those are shades of white, tan and black. I hate having one in the wash when I want to wear it!

The top is gonna be great! I can sew quite a few more of these in your future!
Anonymous said…
I would die with no short sleeved tops here! lol. LOVE that red & those little buttons. I think black would stand out too much, too.
Sheila said…
Happy Sunday All and Thanks for stopping by. I'm still pegging away at the blouse and managed to figure out that peculiar collar/facing. I did the sleeves, which I'm not liking. So off to cut out another set of sleeves.

@ Cassandra: Trying my best to avoid spending in the stores... so the next best thing is to snoop shop...lol

@ Carolyn: I'm in the same boat with tank tops as well, but I couldn't believe I really didn't have any button-ups.

I was so tired of using pins to help with marking darts... that I finally broke down...lol

@ Toya: Before I start my fall wardrobe, I thought it would be good to pair some separates with some of my existing garments and could use a few blouses.

@ Del: The print is so nice and opted for the small red buttons, hoping that they will be nearly invisible on the blouse.
Adrienne said…
What a gorgeous color!!! Love it!
Dawn Bibbs said…
Hi! I found your blog by way of Cheryl Wray & Adrienne Nixon's blogs. The thing that caught my eye, was where you live. My dad lives on Long Island.

From what I can see, you are quite a talented lady. I'll have to come back and visit sometimes.

Have a great week.
Mary Sarah said…
Love the red fabric and thought I liked the pattern until I read about the collar. Now I want to make a couple of blouses ... I'll see how you like the collar when you're done! LOL!
Lesalicious said…
Everytime I see your blog you get me in the mood to sew. You is doing a great job can't wait to see when you is done. WTG now off to sew. :)
Cheryl Wray said…
Love that red!

And, by the way, I LOVE your new profile pic. So pretty!
Shannon said…
Love your fabric! Your blouse looks great so far and I can't wait to see it finished. The collar sounds crazy, but just think how nice it will be when it's done and you're wearing it!
Faye Lewis said…
Looks like you are off to a great start with the blouse. Can't wait to see it finished.
Mimi said…
Looking good so far, very nice fabric! Good luck on the collar :)
Andrea said…
Love the color, love the blouse. I can't wait to see it finished. I pulled out my fabric and pattern for the vest I want to make (Butterick 4188). I'm going to try to at least cut the pattern out tonight, and then cut my fabric. I need to by lining fabric also. I'm thinking a very thin lining and the main fabric is a little on the sheer side.
Amanda S. said…
This is looking really nice! And great job resisting the urge to buy a readymade blouse. Yours will be so much nicer and better quality! :)
gold said…
The blouse is looking cute so far!!
Girl I am the tracing paper Queen, I have to use it on everything I sew to get it right!!Yes I am still a beginner on this sewing thing!HA HA
Angelia said…
This is gonna be pretty!
And you're not alone... I have Sooooo many different tees... and like 2 button ups.. that I don't like! lol!