Cable Life

I often think about all that is Good in my Life and of late compared it to Cables. There is such rich texture going on all around me, may it be the braids in my dd’s hair or the bamboo rug that acts as a bed for my dear cat (despite the many pet beds I’ve purchased over the last 15 years) or the beautiful flowers that dh so patiently plant year after year (constantly telling him - I want to Go Green... like in Evergreen).

Even richer in texture is the gathering of family and the hearty laughter that erupts from all, as we sit in my kitchen. A kitchen that is meant to seat 4 comfortably, but often holds 10 -12 people hustling around in a circle for the best tv spot.

Health, Family, Love, Friends, Belief and Work, are like strands of cables that are twisted with familial background of what is good in life. But let's not forget that some cables are complicated and we often experience that tangled knot which can throw us a wrench, but understanding the infinite lines and asymmetrical textures helps me to get over those rough patches.

Thinking of rough patches, I remember when DH was having an episode of sciatica, that made it nearly impossible for him to walk, and therein I took on his responsibilities which were exhausting. One of which was tending to our pets, and our oldest dog knew something was out-of-sorts and defied every command and gave me pure hell for 2 weeks. Our 120lb Roco refused to go into the dog pound (often trying to pull him by his leash which he had a D.avid B.laine way of getting out of) so I would leave him to frolic with Evie (our 2nd well behaved pet) only to return and see massive holes in the lawn.

To make matters worse after preparing their food trays, Roco would take his massive paw and splatter food and water all over the place - giving me that look - umm where is the wet stuff. Repeatedly taking it upon himself to pooping in his room daily... leaving me Hello tokens (which was taking a horrid toll on my nose). The worse was at the end of each day when he would have me doing outrageous maneuvers to get him back to his room for the night.
Thinking back on this now - its really funny (oh if only you could've seen me in action with Roco, my daughter was literally in, and thank goodness dh is fine now and can resume his duties.

Ohhh the intricacies of a Cable life...

This purtty pic here is the beginnings of my cable vest. I'm using a pattern from Verena's Mag of the Sleeveless Cabled Vest, and I've begun modifying it. Instead of following the cable chart, I decided to do 2 Center Cables - C20F & C20B. Just keeping my fingers cross that I don't cable out of


Cas... said…
Life brings us many unexpected things.

It's good that you can laugh about it now.
Virtuous said…
Absolutely LUV this post!! So MEANINGFUL!!! Love how you connected knitting to real life "rich" experiences!! And how perfect to have Fantasia crooning Summertime while I was reading it! :o)

It truly makes your cabled vest THAT much more pretty! Nice color too!

This indeed is my most FAV post of yours!

Have a great weekend Sheila!
Deborah said…
dogs (and pets) are great barometers to what is askew in our lives. with all of my recent hiccups, your post is a sweet reminder of life's ever changing mysteries and how important all adventures are to our enlightenment.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet post. Roco sounds like a hot mess, though! lol. I love our furry friends--they make every day fun.
Liana said…
It is awfully nice when we can (finally!) look back and laugh at those cables. I love texture almost more than color, and if I had to choose, it would definitely be texture over prints.

Great post!
artist1lisa said…
This post is lovely.Bravo.
Knitaholictoo said…
oooooo! I know this is going to be fabulous. Luvin' it.
Tany said…
I LOVE cables! Your work is exquisite!