Thank You!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!
First, I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for the Awesome Compliments on my Wrap sweater. I wore it to work and felt fab in it. Unfortunately, no one was in the mood that morning and just have a mannequin shot. After receiving several suggestions, I pulled out other buckles that I thought would work, but a major problem was the weight of the buckles and went with the first choice, because the buckle was really lightweight and opted for just one. For the strap, I knitted a 4" strap for the buckle and also used snaps to keep the sweater closed.

This is it after being worn for 12 hrs. I didn't wear the blouse pictured, but instead wore the blouse & slacks I initially took the pics in.

Not sure what happened to my camera...uggh.
On another note, this has been a great week for me. I'm not sure I mentioned this, but I have started exercising again and boy-o-boy do I feel good. I jumped off the exercise bandwagon 4 months ago, partly because I had plateaued and secondly, dh thought that a cable line in my mini-gym was the cause of tv problems throughout the house. So what did dh do, he called the cable tech and together they figured that it was definitely the cable line in that room that was the predator. They figured the only way to solve the problem was to put in new cables and with that they proceeded to tear down the ceiling and after doing that realized DUH!!! that it wasn't... both of them total knuckle heads. Like I said although I had plateaued, I would still go down there and do a lil somethin', but with an exposed ceiling, I realized I couldn't focus thinking about spiders and what not and exercising went to the wayside as well as my Now I have a new ceiling....yeah!
For years this room was known as the bunker, we had grandiose ideas about how we would hide in there in the event of a catastrophe. We had boxes of canned goods, bottled water, and all sorts of stuff... just in case, and after considerable thought I was like what the fasneezy and decided to turn it into a mini-gym.
I didn't do much to it but removed all that unnecessary stuff and moved my equipment from the garage into my new space and slapped some mirrors up, added tv and music and it was perfect until that dreadful day, but no more.

Every time I complete a workout I mark the calendar and yesterday I took a good look at my calendar and it has actually been a month since I started exercising again....wooohoo!

This room is known as the One-Butt

I have also started another wrap sweater using cables, I thought it would be another one for me, but ummm, I failed to remember that when adding cables to an uncabled sweater pattern, one must add at least 4 stitches for every cable (if I'm remembering correctly). Well its too small for me even after blocking it. But that's all cool, my dd could use another sweater...haha!

Off to find my sewing mojo.


Pajnstl said…
If you find your mojo send it my way!

Love the color on your vest :)
Sue said…
Congratulations on getting back into exercise - its a move you won't regret.

Love that wrap top - I will have to do something to improve my knitting skills!
Cas... said…
It's nice to get some praise for all your hard work. I'm glad to hear you are getting it. You are a terrific crafter.

Keep up the good work!
Angelia said…
Your new sweater is looking good.. lucky dd!!!

I have been super lazy with my exercising lately! I gotta get my butt in gear!
~ Kimberlee B ~ said…
Yup, know what you mean. I haven't worked out for over 3 weeks and I told my husband I am going to MAKE time today to start back up again. I feel so much more tired when I don't workout.
Lashell said…
The cable sweater is so cute. At least you can give it to someone. You knit so fast. I working on Rusted Root and it now into my third week and I just past the underarm and three inches into the torso and this is with a knitting a couple of rows everyday. lolololololol
Mary Sarah said…
The wrap top is gorgeous! Way to go with the exercising! I started on more of regular routine and can really tell the difference. I could be so lazy with it. Your dd is so lucky. The new sweater is beautiful!
Adrienne said…
Looks great girl!
Cheryl Wray said…
Okay, I'm impressed....with both your sewing and your exercising!
NikkiJ said…
Wow, everything you've been working on looks fabulous.

I put you in my friends list on Ravelry, but for some reason, they won't alert me to when your blog is updated.

I'll have to remember to check back on my own cause it seems like I sure have been missing out.
Judy said…
Fabulous wrap vest, it looks great on you! Congrats on your getting your gym room all fixed up. Oh boy, exercise is something I need to fixate on as well! Thanks for leaving such an inspiring comment on the V.S. dress...