Change has Come

and I'm still feeling euphoric that I was a part of an historical moment. I found myself unable to complete my tasks at work and decided I needed fresh air and to escape the eerie silience of the office. So I headed outside and just stared at the beautiful foliage in Battery Park. As others stood around in groups chatting I found that every time I heard President Ba.rack O.bama my heart would go into a marathon mode and I would inch closer, eagerly listening as they praised and honored all those that came out to make a difference and those that paved the way. How their elders had seen and experienced heartache, struggled, setbacks, hope and now seeing a dream realized. That finally the young had grasped responsibility and came out in full force to make change and feeling inspired and truly hopeful and saying change has come.

I inch away strolling back to my job in thought on how so many showed their concern for change and for the umpteenth time this week messing up my make-up to wipe away tears.


Here, here !!! I too am still in shock at this amazing time in history. What a Blessed Day we've witnessed.
So I was unable to FIND a NYTimes on Wednesday morning but I did get the Newsweek, the People and a special edition that's all photos on President Elect Barack Obama and his family!

You should look for well as the crying thing...hey I totally understand!
Tanya said…
Well said, it was really awesome to hear my 26 yr. old daughter on the phone with her friends telling them to vote and the fact that she got up and stood in line to vote spoke volumes. There is hope for her generation and we should give them their props.
Opal said…
I understand what you are feeling. I am still in euphoria my self. This morning I had to stop and pick up the time and the special addition magazine. I understand that jet, ebony and essence is suppose to put out a special addition magazine on Barack this week. I have to keep my eye open for them.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, we've been pretty weepy around here, too. It was just so amazing and I know he's going to continue to amaze us.
Jemima said…
I know. All I could do the day after was read The Times opinion page and cry (in a good way). What a great day for America!