Check this Out

Lion Brand is graciously offering the Cable Luxe Tunic pattern for FREE until November 27, 2008. How cool is that!!! I've drooled over this pattern for some time now and actually have the Lion Brand catalogue featuring that project.

There were also two other patterns in the running the Zen Coat and the Cabled Cashmere Sweater, which are also awesome projects.

Be sure to check out the Sweater Knit-Along at Lion Brand Notebook

Click here for Free Pattern and Lion Brand Wool Ease

The Cable Luxe Tunic is so popular - check out the rtw versions:

New York & Co. City Style Knit Sweater

Metrostyle Cable Knit Tunic
Democracy Cable Knit Tunic
Alloy's Cable Ballet Neck Sweater


Anonymous said…
I love that last sweater. So many choices, so little time!
Katriska said…
Um I know this sound retarded but what does rtw mean? I guess I haven't had enough coffee. How would I get the two last patterns from that?
Lesalicious said…
I love all the sweaters. But, I think I like the last one the boatneck sweater the best:) Lots of inspiration for you.
Virtuous said…
Yeah I heard about the free pattern not too long ago on Debora's site! How about I bought it last year and it is still sitting here! ;op

That last sweater definitely looks more like the Cable Luxe.

One day I may get to it, but I heard it was a PITA to knit!!
Opal said…
The first sweater is so cute. Thanks for the link I am going to check it out right now.
Tanya said…
I have to learn to knit, they are starting a needle craft group at my local library and the librarian has promised to help me learn. I've seen this technique done with crochet but I like the knitted version better. Can't wait to see your version.
emy said…
I love the first 2 designs that you posted!

They are just gorgeous!