TGIF Everyone!!! I'm sure all of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed myself and like others its such a great time to be with family & friends and a whole lotta food &

Every time we have a family gathering (which seems pretty darn I'm the designated pastry maker. Well I wanted to try my hands at something new. My simple cakes are enjoyed by many (I really get tickled when my mom's dear friends, Ms. Ula and Ms. Marie stop by and ask me chil' where them cakes Since I have to make a few cakes (which I downsize this time), I opt for the box cakes and substitute ingredients, I use milk instead of water and so forth. This time I wanted to do Fondant Cakes. I purchased all of the cake paraphernalia to make fondant cakes and got to work. If anyone wants to tone up their arms try a fondant cake, rolling out that dough had my arms trembling

This was the first one I made, my inner child got the best of me. I tinted the fondant and used food coloring to draw the flowers and had fun with my lil flower cutter. This is 3 layers of deep chocolate with vanilla frosting between the layers then topped with fondant.... Talk about a heavy cake.
The second one, I toned down the inner child and did a simple cake. This is a carrot cake with vanilla frosting between the two layers. I tinted some of the fondant orange and made the bow and trim.

I was so proud of my cakes and had to capture it, of course, dd thought it would be funny to add to (I was sooooo tired)

I was so tired that I only made 4 and had to get started on my other meals. The cakes were a knock-out.

Did any one take part in Black Friday?

I was so tempted to take part in Black Friday, but after second thought decided against it, mainly because I'd done a tad bit of shopping a few weeks earlier.

I finally purchased a steamer and boy-o-boy totally lovin' it. Initially after putting in my order, I hopped on over to the review boards for the Tobi Steamer and was nearly ready to cancel my order, but the desire to have one got the best of me. Upon receiving it I ripped open the box and got started, the assembly was quick and painless, it starts working immediately after being turned on. I will admit a few times my hand got too close to the steam and it is HOT! A few reviews mentioned that they experienced major leaking and after filling up the water tank, I did not experience any leaking and the steam was constant. I probably spent an hour trying out my new toy, it worked well on my jackets, slacks, skirts, shirts. Greatest part of it all is it works fabulous on knits and dh even tried it on his jeans and was so impressed. In all, the Tobi Steamer is not going to replace the iron, but its perfect as an alternative to ironing.
Andrea... you are the blame for this purchase, you put the whole steamer idea in my head and once I got the Rowenta handheld steamer, which is perfect for my knits, tanks and dresses, I knew I needed to pair it with the

Some time ago Andrea graciously sent me a gorgeous skein of sockina cotton yarn and for while I had plans to use it in connection with some pima cotton that I'd had. While talking to her, she mentioned that she was doing a sock class and how she was working the socks up on 2 circular needles and that grabbed my attention. I tried working with DPNs, but it ended up not working out for me and just decided socks would not be in my knitting scheme of

She sent me her sock pattern and I already had the sockina yarn now all I needed were size 2 circular needles. I took a trip over to Seaport Yarns and she had two brands available Addi Turbo and Kollage Square circular needles. She had the Kollage Square circular needles set up on a swatch of alpaca and it was pure heaven... so you know what I went with
I've already started making headway on my sock and just look at the purty yarn and needles....haha... THANKS ANDREA... you don't know what you've started :)

What is a girl to do when she gets off work early and needs to waste time before meeting up with DH... well I trekked over to the last fabric shop left on Bridge Street, Brooklyn and hung-out there for 2 hours and finally left with these...hehe - 15 yards of polyester fabric to make a few blouses... what a great way to waste

I guess I can say I started my Black Friday early... ok back to my sock....hehe


Adrienne said…
Those cakes are so pretty! I will be glad when Jan comes and I can REALLY buy fabric again lol...vacation fabric doesn't count lol ;-)
Lashell said…
I've always wanted to try my hand at fondant cake, I blame food network cake challenges. Did you use store bought fondant or made your own?
Sheila said…
Thanks Ladies,

@ Adrienne - lol @ vacation fabric doesn't count.

@ Lashell - I purchased the ready made Fondant since I am so new at it. Looking to try my hands at making my own marshmallow fondant.
Kelroc said…
yummy! those cakes looked delicious.
Lesalicious said…
Love the cakes they look so good. Love the fabrics. LOL your daughter having a ball in the background lol.:)Great job on the cakes.
Faye Lewis said…
Your cakes look beautiful and I'm sure tasted the same!
Anonymous said…
OMG those cakes look amazing. You did an awesome job!
Yummy looking cakes. And great fabrics:)
Tanya said…
I can't believe that's your first time using fondant, they turned out beautifully and I love the fabric. We just got back last night and I am so road weary, 14 hours and 5 states will do that to you. I will try to post later today.
I am knit, crochet, sew and you bake toooooo! *whine* It's not fair! *LOL* Those cakes are amazing! I am sure your family really enjoyed them!

Nice fabric purchases...when it gets warm we are going to have to meet up and you can show me these Brooklyn shops...because you know I just don't have ENOUGH fabric!!!!
alethia said…
Then cakes are very prettyyy. Love your blog especially the great music. I was reading Carolyn's blog. Your mention fabric stores in Brooklyn. I used to live in Brooklyn 25+ years ago. Will you let me know the next time you plan to visit
Opal said…
The cakes are beautiful. They look like they should be on display and not I can't wait to see how your socks turn out. I have made several attempts at it with the dpn and I just end up giving up. Maybe you will be my inspiration to try it again this time using the circular needle.
Mary Sarah said…
Your cakes looks fantastic! Wow! I'm sure they're gone now! LOL! I'm anxious to see your socks and I love the fabric you bought. A new steamer! Way Cool! My mother has one and I love it! Enjoy!
Cheryl Wray said…
Wow!!! Those cakes are amazing!!!! (I'm known as the designated cake maker in our family too, for some reason. But mine aren't that fancy!)
~ Kimberlee B ~ said…
Wow, great new hobby, my mother used to make cakes. Seems like so much fun! My husband hates when I sing that song. LOL. Your daughter in the background is making me laugh, my daughter is crazy like that too. LOL
Anonymous said…
Those cakes are beautiful--and look yummy to boot!

I only go out on Black Friday so the kids can take a photo with Santa, ugh.
c-ing said…
What a talent. Was this your first time using fondant? I've always wondered about cutting the cake. The fondant looks as if it would be difficult to make a clean cut.
Sheila said…
Thank You C-ing,

It was my first time using fondant and will tell you... you need the sharpest knife for a clean cut. Another alternative is Marshmallow Fondant, which is much softer and cheaper.