Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday All,

How was everyone's weekend and what did you do?

As for me, I am sooooooo exhausted. Friday and Saturday now seems like a blur with the residual effects of exhaustion...lol

Friday nite I began reading the New York Times best selling novel Secret Life of Bees, which is now a movie with a great cast. A coworker was gracious to lend it to me and a few friends had mentioned that it explores life's wounds and reveals the deeper meaning of home and the redemptive simplicity of choosing what matters. So far the novel is a good read and really would like to take this novel slow and easy, but my dd is rushing me so she can read it before checking out the movie.

After reading for a few hours I resumed working on my crochet blanket for my recently purchased chaise lounge. When I refashioned the guestroom into a craftroom, I kept the daybed, but then realized I wanted a dedicated craftroom and needed a comfy chair for reading, knitting & crocheting. I initially checked out my favorite thrift shop, but they didn't have what I wanted and decided to check out my other hot spot, Seigermans. Well they never fail, there were 3 nice chaises and after a little back & forth selected this one. Let me tell you Seigermans has some awesome pieces, they just introduced a new line of furniture - Smithsonian Collection..... Beautiful!!

I moved on to Butterick 4293 which has been a work in progress for almost 4 weeks. This garment is a love/hate project, when I started out, all I wanted was a simple car coat that I could wear over my sweaters, but after assembling it I was totally not feeling it.
Its an OOP consisting of a loose-fitting jacket, extended shoulders, button closure, full length sleeves and collar options. I serged both fabrics and then seamed everything together, opting out of lining it and for a lil touch added ribbon to the sleeves. I hand stitched the facing to the underlining and wish I had did that for the hem, but of course only as an after thought. The pattern has pocket options and instead used pocket flaps from New Look 6815. I baste stitched the pocket edges and need to do a final stitch on them.

The fabric is a donegal tweed and underlined with brown denim. Now that its nearly completed I am undecided on button closures since I didn't want ordinary buttons, but after reading Adrienne's review of her cape, I knew I wanted metal closures and that renewed my interest in the jacket and by 3:00am retired to bed with hopes of finding metal closures.

So Saturday I decided to wear the jacket to the store to get a better sense of whether the metal closures would actually work. I checked out a few and confirmed that I want metal closures and narrowed down the selection that antique brass closures would be best for the jacket. However, what was available at Walmart was not enough for the jacket ...uggh and decided to check out JoAnns.

I dragged the posse with me to JoAnn's only to enter a store totally out of control, they were having a 50% off on fabric and the Simplicity patterns were $.99. Well you know what happened - I forgot all about the metal closures and ended up with these....hehe.
The worst thing I could've done was attempt to find closures for a garment and simultaneously do food shopping with my 2 sisters, mom and my db's girlfriend.... total chaos, which is rare. The chaos started when everyone arrived at different times and I had already started out shopping with one sister and thinking it would not be a problem with everyone meeting at one designated store, but everyone kept ending up in different stores, but finally everyone met up and we shopped for 7 hours and I still no closures for my jacket.

What I did like about the jacket is it worked perfect as a car coat, yesterday was rainy, but mild earlier in the day and the jacket didn't feel too heavy, and then the temps dropped dramatically and felt warm enough as I dashed from car to stores but if I had the closures that would've sealed the deal....lol.

I popped up this morning at 5:00am feeling totally exhausted but determined to continue looking for metal closures. I found some interesting ones at House of Anoria and MJ Trimmings and seeing a glimmer of hope for the jacket. There is one problem though, I'm thinking I need closures on the pocket flaps and wondering if the metal closures would be too much. I really like this snap closure, which is available at MJ Trimmings.

Oh, I finally managed to bind off on the left panel of the cable wrap sweater and making a note to myself NOT to repeat a pattern so soon after doing the first one. My interest in this project is so lack luster.
Now, I need to put my crafting to the side and prepare for tomorrow.



Adrienne said…
You were WAY too busy! LOL If you don't find any that you like let me know and I will check my Hancock and see if they still have some.
Lesalicious said…
WOW you have been a busy gal I see. Love the lounge sofa so cute and the blanket you working up goes very well with that. Loving your car coat you making me want to get started back on my coat. The metal piece you pick is nice. Don't you just hate that you go somewhere looking for one thing but, end up getting other things crazy huh? But, you got some great patterns there.:)
Mary Sarah said…
Whew! You wear me out! I'd like to curl up on your new chaise with the new afghan and grab your book! I love your energy!
Cas... said…
Hey Sheila! You're on a roll! LOL!

You did a terrific job (as always)on the car coat. Good luck with finding closures.

I really like your chaise. I have one in my living room and I love it. It's so relaxing.

Your crocheted throw is super cute too. Good luck with it!
Anonymous said…
Man, were you busy! *whew* As always, your projects look fantastic.
Faye Lewis said…
You've done a really nice job on your new coat.
Lisa H. said…
That chair looks so comfortable and perfect for curling up with a good book.I'm loving that coat and the closure you choose.
You are a hard core shopper! Wow..7 hours!
Tanya said…
Wow, 7 hours of marathon shopping, I haven't done that in years. The coat is awesome, I love the closures, and the throw is very cute. I'm waiting until my kids move out before buying a chaise. I had problems trying to get to your blog on Sunday obivously due to heavy traffic. Have a great week.
Cheryl Wray said…
I really love the look of that jacket! And you ARE busy; I'm pretty tired just reading about it. :-)

I really liked The Secret Life of Bees novel.I also loved her other book, The Mermaid Chair.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Sue said…
What a busy week-end - I wish we could access those 99 cent sales - very envious!!