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Happy Saturday All,

Has everyone finished their holiday shopping or still knitting, crocheting and/or sewing gifts?

My plan was to knit most of my holiday gifts, which should be easy, since everyone wanted hats and just purchasing coordinating scarves. But, what keeps setting me back is every hat that I've made has ended up on my head....lol

I'm using a hat pattern from Hip to Knit by Judith Swartz, which is a basic head hugger pattern that she notes can be modified with endless possibilities. The pattern calls for knitting the hat in stockinette stitch with a soft roll at the edge. I totally love this pattern and she is so right-on with the endless possibilities.

I did 2 hats last week, the red one was done with 3 rows of 2x2 ribbing and stockinette stitch for the remainder. For the pink hat I also used 2x2 ribbing at the edge and alternated between stockinette stitch rows and 2x2 ribbing for a more textured look.

The pattern notes size fits an adult head (21" circumference with a finished length of 9-1/2"). I had to modify the cast-on stitches because the prototype hat came out too big and instead casted on 77 sts, yielding a 19" circumference. Also I shortened the length of the hat to 7-1/2". Although I used worsted weight yarn, the Caron Simply Soft is really a medium weight and realized the modifications were needed.

The pattern is a quick knit and this week, I did 2 more hats, I did the olive green in a 2x2 rib for the whole hat and the orange hat, I opted for cables for 6 repeats and stockinette stitch for the remainder.

However, for the cable hat I had to cast-on the original 99 stitches using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Carrot . I remembered that when using a straight pattern and incorporating cables, one must remember to add at least 4 stitches per cable and the 99 sts worked for the cables, yielding an 18" circumference and 7-1/2" length.

I can't say enough about this pattern, its perfect for quick gratification and makes perfect gifts for the holiday. Now, if only I could stop keeping them for myself....lol

Oh and I had a KnitPicks horror moment... do you see it... the cable cord popped from the neck of the needle in the middle of a cable row. I was beyond horrified and had to spend a good portion of my time trying to get the cable stitches back onto another needle. Thank goodness I knit super tight and was able to regroup, but I am not a happy camper, especially when I have invested $129.00 in the nickle plated set as well as the harmony wood set ;(

I was quickly pacified by finally completing the blanket I had started in ummm sheesh ummm when did I start it...lol, but its finished...haha. The blanket is a freestyle and basically did single crochet for the whole blanket using Caron Simply Soft, their new Simply Soft Eco yarn and Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

It was my first time using the SS Eco yarn , which is just as soft and easy to work with as the other simply soft yarns. Also, I like the white flecks in the yarn which I read is a result of the specially processed fiber from the recycled plastic bottles, I think it adds an interesting look to the yarn.
My intent was to use up yarn from my stash, but after a while found myself buying a skein or two in an attempt to coordinate the colors in the variegated yarn I used. The blanket was intended for my chaise, but I was tired of seeing dh use a throw blanket that had seen better days and bestowed it to him. The colors in the blanket work well with the TV room's color scheme. Heck anything in earthtones will work well, darn near all the rooms have dark furniture...hehe


Anonymous said…
I love that blanket! Did it work up pretty fast, being crochet? I swear, I have to learn to crochet!!!

Love the hats; they'll make great gifts, if you can give them away instead of keeping them, lol.
Cas... said…
Great projects! I love your hats. You do such a wonderful job.

I would want to keep a few for myself too!

Happy Holidays to you!
Sheila said…
Hello Ladies and Thank you.

@ Del: I started the blanket I believe around September or October. If I hadn't put it to the side it would've been finished quicker. Crocheting a blanket is definitely faster than knitting.
Pajnstl said…
look at you! I want a hat lol
Adrienne said…
Love those hats! Especially the orange one!
Tanya said…
OMG, I'm so glad you said that, I made a couple of fun fur scarfs with matching hats and I've worn both of them. So I had to make a trip to Bath and Body works lol. What am I doing up at 3:00 am; still sewing but I'm off to bed now.
Lesalicious said…
Loving all the hats great job. That afghan turned out great. WOW you be working your butt off totally.:)
T. Joi said…
Love the hats. Maybe next year I will teach myself to knit (I love the cable stitches).
jae said…
oh yep..crochet good for fast blankees
alethia said…
Love the hats, I love the blankets. The last time I knit or crochet was five years ago, I make scarfs for xmas. Last spring I donated all my yarns to a senior center. But, you and Tawny's knitting and crochet creations have awaken my interest in needlework.
I love that orange hat! And that blanket is gorgeous!

Happy blogoversary!
Knitaholictoo said…
Love the blankie! the colors are nice.
I just got into accessories for the instant gratification, now I've got people hinting at needing one, LOL. Don't leave yourself without one of your love creations : )
Tany said…
Lovely hats and blanket! These are gorgeous gifts!