I received a comment from Tracy @ Fabric.com letting me know that for mentioning Fabric.com on my blog, she has a special gift for me as well as my Readers.

Be sure to stop by Fabric.com and check-out their Apparel & Fashion Fabric or contact her at the number listed below or email her.

This is Tracy with Fabric.com.

For mentioning Fabric.com on your blog,
I have a special gift for you and your readers. At your convenience please
call me at 1-888-455-2940 ext. 214 or you can email me at tracy@Fabric.com
to redeem your gift.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tracy JacksonAffiliate/Donation Coordinator


Susan said…
Suh-weet! Thanks for the info - I was just looking at their site last night in anticipation of placing another order.
Tracy said…
Hi Shelia,

This is Tracy again with Fabric.com.

At your convenience, please email me at tracy@fabric.com. I've received a few emails from your site, but unfortunately I can not give the code out individually.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you in advance!

Tracy Jackson
Cennetta said…
Tanya said…
Really???? I'm so skeptical but I'll give it a try, thanks a bunch.
Tanya said…
I've never purchased fabric online, I guess I'm old fashioned I like to see it and touch it first but they had some really nice fabric I just might have to give it a try. Do you purchase from there often?
Anonymous said…
word of mouth works :) that was nice of her

i've never bought fabric online. im scared :)