Faux Leather

I received a few comments and emails regarding the faux embroidered leather I purchased last week, which I plan on using to make a handbag. Despite being undecided on a pattern, I knew I had to have the faux leather. At least that's a start... I also have been doing a lot of online browsing for any information I can use to help in the making of The Bag...lol.

I finally found the business card for the fabric store I purchased the fabric from, which is Fulton Fabric Discount Store, 398 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 - (T) 858-1596. Fulton Fabric is the last fabric shop left on Bridge Street in Brooklyn and primarily carries a large variety of home decor fabrics and a small selection of apparel fabrics. If you are looking for fabric to pair with a coat or bag pattern, Fulton Fabric is the place to check out.

Listed below are online shops that I came across that carry faux leathers too:


Interior Mall

JandO Fabrics

Philtex Fabrics

Since working with faux leather is new to me I checked out a few sites that I think will be helpful on Sewing Faux Leather:

Pattern Review

The Sewing Divas

Craft Stylish, Craft Sylish II


Leather Goods Connection

Sew Fashionable

I definitely need hardware and below are a few worth taking a closer look at:

Leather Unltd.

M&J Trimming


Please feel free to share any tips on sewing a handbag, it would be greatly appreciated.


Carol said…
I love your faux leather. I've made a few handbags, some with frames and some without. If you sew a bag with a frame, you need about five hands to hold things together while you glue and poke the bag into the frame. I purchased a set of small clamps from the hardware store that can be operated with one hand ie a gun handle sort of arrangement. That way you can hold with one hand and then clamp before moving on to the next bit. Take a look at a site in Australia www.nicolemdesign.com.au. Good luck. I look forward to seeing the end result.
TurquoizBlue said…
That leather is gorgeous. Thanks for the links.
Cennetta said…
Beautiful fabric, Sheila. Your bag is going to be beautiful.
Aminat said…
The leather is so beautiful, I am anxiously waiting for the final project. I am sure you will do excellent job. Good luck
Nice !!! I like it !