Thank You Opal

I received your patterns and just wanted to say Thank You.

Opal posted free patterns, which were Vogue 1026 a Badgley Mischka dress & belt and Vogue 2909, Misses jacket, top, dress, skirt and pants. Perfect patterns for my daughter, who mentioned that she needed a few wardrobe separates. She is really excited about them and has started a sewing itinerary of a sorts, listing all the patterns she likes and when I should start on I really am looking forward to working up Vogue 2909, b/c of the simplicity, but at the same time the pieces are versatile.

Interesting enough, in searching for reviews on the vogue patterns, I noticed that the current numbers are reissued pattern numbers and also came across some fashion history behind one of the designers.

I found Vogue 1026 via Wikia, which consist of Misses' Coat, Jacket, Pants, Skirt & Blouse and designed by Pierre Balmain

Balmain initially studied architecture and in his spare time designed dresses, which caught the eye of couturier Edward Molyneux, and once he began his apprenticeship he gave up architectural studies to become a designer in 1934... cont'd. In 1945 he opened the House of Balmain which showcased designs that were elegant without lavishness. He believed that if one "Kept to the basic principles of fashion one would always be in harmony with the latest trends without falling prey to them."

Here is a peek at PB Designs, and his version of the Lil black dress and a beautiful Balmain Handbag.

Three of his garments caught my eye.

Hip length semi-fitted jacket with matching skirt Cocktail silk dress with sequins
Silk Mini Dress
The second pattern Vogue 2902 I found via Lanetz Living, a shirt dress with a lil flair. There wasn't any information on the designer. However, I really like the waist shaping.


Joyce said…
Can't wait to see what you create from these patterns. Your daughter is truly lucky to have you as her seamstress.
Opal said…
Your welcome! If I find anymore in my stash I will let you know....
Lesalicious said…
I can't wait to see all you come up with you is a great sewer you do your thang lol. :) good luck.
Very nice patterns and nice that your daughter sews also.
Anonymous said…
LOVING that B/M! I wish you lived near me... Gina
Sheila said…
Thank You All,

@ Joyce, I will admit I enjoy sewing for her, but she fails to realize I can't sew everything she

@ Gina, the B/M is really a great dress and hope I can sew it w/o any issues.

@ Two Cables and a Frapp, I have a sewing machine ready for my daughter, but her patience for sitting and learning to sew is nano. So I will be doing all the
Tany said…
The patterns are AWESOME!!!! Kudos to Opal!