McCalls 5758 WIP and lowering a high armhole

ETA: In taking a closer look at my dilemma, which is a high armhole, I went in search for tips and techniques on how to solve the problem. Most of the tips suggested altering the pattern piece prior to sewing. Unfortunately, some of the garment pieces have been sewn and other pieces baste stitched and basically trying to tweak it in its current state.

What I really want to achieve is a lower armhole but not restricting arm movement. Since I've cut and baste stitched the garment already, I immediately thought to just undo the baste stitching of the sleeve and the front facing from the side pieces. Then taking the side pieces that are already sewn and laying it flat and scooping out about 1/4" from the side-back and side-front using the tailor curve.

If any of this makes sense, I would be interested in hearing from you on how you would lower high armholes. Any help would be appreciated.

Jackets in two lengths: semi-fitted, unlined jacket, hip or below hip length with slightly dropped shoulders, collar with drawstring, princess seams, waistline seam, raglan-like, below elbow or full length sleeves with elastic casing and slightly flared peplum

My daughter wanted a funky & playful jacket and selected this pattern and a cotton candy fleece fabric. To top it off she opted for candy cane stripe fleece for the inside. Help me I am drowning in
After serging both layers of fleece and in the process of assembling the jacket, I noticed that I some how reversed the left side-front and side-back and in the process of recutting them....uggh. With the right side pinned in place, my daughter tried it on and noted that the armhole is a lil snug. My plan is to lower the armhole and want to pinch myself, b/c last week I looked at a tailor curve & designer curve set and turned away saying I didn't need it, and look who needs it now, so I will head over to Sav-a-thon tomorrow and pick it up ;/
So for now I am in pink limbo.


Adrienne said…
That's gonna be cute! Love the color!
Tanya said…
I made this jacket twice, once for myself and I made my friend one for Christmas. Are you lining the fleece with fleece? If so I think it may be way to warm, the fleece is very warm. I didn't line either jacket and they're very warm. In any case good luck, can't wait to see your interpretation.
Sheila said…
Thank You.

@ Tanya: Yes, I am lining the fleece with fleece, my daughter wants to wear it as a coat. I need all the luck I can get. I did break a serger
urbanknitrix said…
I love those colors.
Cheryl Wray said…
Oh, I just LOVE this pattern.
Cas... said…
That's going to be very pretty when you finish it. I like your choice of colors. It has some pop.

Keep up the good work!
Sheila said…
I will definitely tell my daughter that you all love the colors. I fought her tooth and nail about the, but after an hour in JoAnns I gave in b/c its what she truly wanted.
Angelia said…
I am looking forward to seeing this done.. her color choice will certainly stand out!!! Love it!
Knitaholictoo said…
You can try scooping the armhole down and taking less seam at the sleeve seam. You won't a great difference, but it will be some.
Good luck!
Cennetta said…
I would agree with Knitaholictoo. You will also have to make some adjustment in the sleeve. Perhaps first try loosening the sleeve cap to fit the new armhole line. Stitch it to the jacket to see if it fit/feel ok. I hope this helps.

BTW- I've nominated you for the Sisterhood Award. Check it out on my blog!
Happy Sewing,