New Look 6892, Knitting & Thank You

Hi All,

How are you doing? Although I haven't posted in a few weeks, I have been checking out your blogs and loving all the garments and totally inspired. All that inspiration has resurrected my sewing mojo and instead of pulling out my all time favorite Simplicity 2766, which I was putting serious wear and tear on, I went in search of another pattern. My latest fav is the chiffon blouse, which I've noticed during my window shopping and internet excursions.
Jill Stuart


These breezy tops are perfect for spring and summer and work for most body types. Also they are versatile, making them perfect for pairing with skirts, jeans and slacks. Of course, to avoid the bra bonanza, a nice body shaper under it will solve that problem.

I used New Look 6892 and a sheer fabric in a bold print, which I like to call my bohemian moment. Several of the tops I have seen have the gathered hemline, that I also like and will probably try the next go round.
New Looks rendition is a gathered boat neck peasant top, which can be worked up in a variety of flowy fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Voile, Chiffon, Georgette... All the seams were serged, as well as the neckline, sleeve edges and the bottom of the blouse. The pattern calls for a casing on the inside of the neckline and inserting elastic through the casing, instead I used 1/4" clear elastic, stitched and stretched as I sewed to gather the neckline and then folded to the inside and did a final stitch.

I did the same thing for the sleeves also, instead of going with the peplum at the bottom of the sleeves.

For the bottom of the blouse I used the serged edge to form a narrow hem and then folded a second time and final stitched.

Now if only the weather would just warm up a little. Here in New York, we had a brief spell of summer like weather and in the blink of an eye we are waking up to 49 degree temperatures....brrr. Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer low 57 to a high of 78, just might be the temperature I need to wear my blouse.

In other news, knitting is on the scene, I've had the Interweave Knit (Spring 2008) mag for a year and haven't made one thing from it despite loving all of the garments featured in it. So I finally dove in and chose the Aleita Shell by Bonnie Marie Burns for my first project. The rib design on the bodice add such a nice detail to the shell and have managed to do 9-1/2" of the body. I'm at the point where I divide for the front overlap, which calls for picking up stitches for the underlap extension using a crochet hook, totally new technique for me. After reading that section for like the hundredth time, I finally divided and have begun working the front, hopefully I will be able to show a progress pic of that if I don't end up knitting myself into a ball working with 2 circular

Here are a few bonus shots from Interweave Knits' Website

I'm sending out a Huge THANK YOU to Opals Passions for nominating me for the Attitude of Gratitude Award.

As everyone know I am such a deviant, and very rarely do what I'm suppose to, in this instance I am suppose to select bloggers who show attitude of gratitude, notify them and so on. There are so many bloggers that deserve this award, that if I began to list them... I would have a list a mile long. So instead, if you are reading this post, I nominate you for the Attitude of Gratitude Award and would like you to post the award to your site.

Today I am grateful....
by showing my children to be satisfied with the simple things while giving them the ability to achieve whatever they want in life, being mindful of all the aspects of my personal, professional, and family life for which I am so thankful, I constantly try to exude positivity in the way I think and feel, but as everyone knows life is a constant test and I try to verbalize what I am grateful for when I feel like complaining about life.


Adrienne said…
Very cute!
gold said…
That is a cute blouse!I am liking that fabric!
Can't wait until you finish knitting that top thats going to be cute!
Opal said…
Nice top and the fabric is beautiful....
Virtuous said…
Just a lovely blouse and I hope our cold spell ends here soon too and warms back up!

And I can't believe you are warming the sticks back up!! Yay! (I need to be right behind ya!)

Gurl I can't tell you how many IK mags I have that I've never knitted anything out of them but keep buying them!! ;op

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!! :o)
Cas... said…
Very nice.

Keep up the good work!
Cheryl Wray said…
I just love that blouse pattern, and yours is so pretty!
Your blouse is gorgeous, I love the print!
Sheila said…
Thank you. I wore the blouse yesterday with beige slacks and accessorized with a skinny belt. I love the wearability of it. Although its hard to see in the photo, the fabric is like tissue paper and with that had to wear a body shaper underneath. It faired well after 12 hours, wrinkle free and took the abuse of my handbag and tote being slung on my shoulders. Of course, I started on another one last nite.
Tanya said…
Too cute, love the bohemian fabric and glad to see you with you clicking those sticks, since you were my inspiration to learn to knit. Can't wait to see the second top.
Tanya said…
Love the top, and glad to see you clicking your sticks again. Can't wait to see the next one.
Tany said…
Lovely blouse and I am totally in love with that knitted vest!!