WIP New Look 6922

Last weekend I put away my summer fabrics coming to the conclusion that I need to Fall into sewing..lol. I have made 2 transitional pieces that are perfect for the cooler temps and had planned on sewing another Butterick 4976, but instead decided to detour. My latest interest has been cardigans and while at Walmart in search of fabric, I came across New Look 6922, which is Misses Sportswear Knit Cardigan, Dress, Top and Pants. I really like the contemporary look of the cardigan with its shawl collar and tie-belt.

I used a double knit fabric, which I'd purchased a while ago without having any idea what it would become, but after sifting through my stash came across it and thought it suitable for the cardigan.

So far the project is progressing... while stay stitching the neckline and shoulder seams an epiphany hit me. How to make the inside look just as good as the outside and jumped into trying my hand at Flat Felled seams. I did 5/8" seams and shortened one side of the seam folded over and double stitched at the side seams and shoulder seams and pressed flat. It was so hard photographing, so excuse the blurry pics. Funny moment, after finishing the flat felled seams I couldn't tell the wrong side from the right side....haha.

The pattern called for cutting 4 collar pieces - 2/upper & 2/under and immediately didn't want the headache of dealing with collar seams, which always end-up off kilter. So I cut the upper and under collar pieces on the fold avoiding 4 pieces and ending up with just 2. I interfaced the upper collar with Palmer Pletsch Perfect Fuse Medium Interfacing this time. I've had issues in the past with other interfacings, wherein my garment would end up with a bubble.

For a moment I was at a loss on how to work the facing and collar together, but Andrea came to my rescue and I was able to move along. For the facing edges, I encased the edges with navy bias tape thinking it would be in line with making the inside look good too. It worked out great, but had a dickins' of a time stitching in the corners.
Last nite I managed to set in the sleeves, but am having drag line issues and called it a night.
Hopefully tonight I will begin ripping out the armhole stitches and gather my wit to figure out the sleeve issues.


Adrienne said…
I just picked this pattern up yesterday. Can't wait to see yours all finished up. It's looking great!
You find the best New Look patterns! This is going to be lovely!!!
Cas... said…
It's looking really good! Keep up the good work.
Melodye said…
I love it. I'm going to keep these patterns in mind. I love the way you work out sewing challenges. Did you consider putting a soap mark on the wrong side?
Sew-Ann said…
So what color are you going to wear it with?? I'm feeling it in it's current state. Can't wait to see you wearing it.

But umm since I'm all new and stuff, what are the problems that I see that many say they have with sleeves? What exactly is a set in sleeve? Sleeves are of the most pleasurable part of sewing for me as long as they are big enough. I'm dying to know what I'm missing. This is has plagued me for months, curiosity is killing the cat. Please explain lol.
Andrea said…
I love your jacket/cardigan so far. I definitely am going to have to put this pattern on my list. Glad I could help.
Opal said…
I love the fabric color that you chose for this pattern. It's coming along nicely..I can't wait to see it when it's finished.
Syl said…
Love the color and the lapels. Dressy yet relaxed.
Anonymous said…
I'm going to have to end my boycott on new look patterns, yours always look so good. :_