MOT #3 w/ Simplicity 2850 - Take II

My 3rd blouse for the Month of Tops Sew Along using Simplicity 2850.  This blouse went together quickly, while chatting with my Sewing Sister Andrea last night I was able to sew all the pieces together, and this morning serged the armholes and hemmed the sleeves and the bottom of the blouse. I used another poly/lycra fabric, purchased at Virgo Fabrics & Notions, Inc. for a $1.00/yd.

I failed to mention in my previous post that the fabric for the 1st one  is from Metro Textiles, which I purchased during the Pattern Review Fabric Excursion on November 7th).  Let me detour for a little and tell you about my first Fabric Excursion... It was totally Awesome.  I finally got to meet my Sewing Sister Andrea (a sister from another mother) we have known each other for almost 2 years via blogging, sewing & knitting communities.  We are always on the phone.. and I mean  We put our phones on speaker and talk sewing, knitting, inspirations, ideas and just about anything until our ears are seeping threads. 

Andrea and I met at Starbucks and enjoyed coffee and chatted like we normally do on the phone.  Anyone looking at us would not have known we were meeting in real life for the first time.  Of course, I gushed over her argyle sweater, being an argyle queen and all... it looked great on her.  We gave each other big hugs and started chatting like always before heading off to Metro Textiles.

Enter Metro Textiles where I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kashi, a total sweetheart.  I controlled myself and didn't do too much damage.  I walked out of there with just 4 yards of fabric, which is out of character for me, but I was determined to behave.

The fabric selection was plenty... I think I did more caressing than anything else...teehee

I will say there was some serious fabric purchasing going on up in there... can I say peer pressure was intense, just seeing others purchasing will make you spend more, but again I remained in control... until the next, which is very soon there are some fabrics I was eyeing and need to go back and get them.

Our next stop was Mood, the day was beautiful and enjoyed chatting with the other participants as we walked over to Mood.  I think I did a 360 degree turn, just WoW... I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to buy a Mood bag... dagnamit.... O' well next time. 

After the Wow factor I noticed this beautiful draped dress... talk about skills, I was told that a young lady that works there did it during her downtime..... just gorgeous..

There is fabric for days... one would've thought I was roaming around looking for my mind... b/c I was spellbound by the huge selection.

We sauntered on over to Greenberg & Hammer and let me tell you the weather was gorgeous as we strolled along New York City streets as others bustled and strolled about us.  What a pleasant surprise to see a lovely display board, Mimosa & pastries welcoming us.

 The staff was extremely friendly, helpful  and knowledgeable.  They have a great selection of notions, I purchased buttons, sewing tools, bias tape & interfacing.  I also got the opportunity to meet members from the American Sewing Guild and actually members from my local area.  As we were saying our goodbyes we were presented with cute gift bags. 

To rest our feet, bags and fill our bellies, we stopped at Village 38, where everyone sat at a long table and got the chance to talk fabric, sewing and more.

After lunch we headed over to Rosen & Chadick, where I spent most of my time browsing through their selection of cottons with beautiful prints.  Also, their Wool selection is incredible... pricey, but incredibly gorgeous.

Andrea and I ventured off on our own and visited Habu Textiles, a quaint studio that emits serenity as soon as you walk-in.  I barely said anything fearful that my deep voice would break the and quitely browsed their hand-dyed yarns and home accessories.  For a moment I felt compelled to sit among the various baskets filled with gorgeous yarns and meditate.

We headed back uptown and took in the night sites of New York City while discussing our beautiful day and the people we had the pleasure of meeting, then bidding goodbye and vowing to participate in another fabric excursion... possibly PR's Canada trip.

Ok... where was I....ummm - Oh... Simplicity 2850 Take II. I did the same alterations as the 1st one, which made this project even quicker than the last one.  If anyone is looking to bust their knit stash, this pattern will defintiely make a dent.  Off to do another one.... cya


jae said…
I love this mod fabric which is perfect for this pattern/style and I know how hard that stretchy fabric is to sew. I got myself into a jam with it once and mom had to finish the skirt.
Anonymous said…
Great top. That fabric is gorgeous. Just love it. I'm sorry I missed meeting you at the PR shopping day. I was going to go and then had to miss at the last minute. I hope we have a chance to meet sometime soon.
Adrienne said…
VERY PRETTY!! I can't WAIT to get to NY!!!
Faye Lewis said…
First of all I REALLY NEED SOME OF THAT $1.00 PER YARD FABRIC!!! Secondly, I LOVE YOUR TOP! I will be using that pattern real soon. Lastly, what a beautiful post. I know that whenever I get back to NYC the first place I will go to is METRO.
Sounds like it was a great trip. They all seem to be which is so nice to hear.

Your top is very nice. I love the colors.
Opal said…
Did you have a good time or what...I can't believe you guys were right here in ny and I missed it..I love the top-the fabric is pretty
Lori said…
Great top, beautiful fabric.
Kathi said…
I cannot believe you bought that fabric for ONE DOLLAR PER YARD!! That is unreal!!!!!!! I am totally jealous! If you are going back, I will send you money to shop for me! I like your taste in fabric enough to trust you!
Anonymous said…
I adore that top.... absolutely love the blues in the print..

Glad u had a great time :)
Sheila said…
Thank you for the lovely compliments.

My Mom wanted to go for a ride one day and she directed me to Brownsville, NY knowing that a ride is not complete until I've made a pit stop at a fabric store. We ended up at Virgo Fabrics & Notions, which is a small store, but majority of the stock of fabric is for home dec. For a small store it was crowded that day and initially thought they were giving away stuff, but a woman mentioned that a lot of people go there for their curtain fabrics. I walked out the store and started browsing the fabrics outside.

Before you enter the store there are several $1.00 racks in front of the store loaded with fabrics. Of all the fabrics the variegated blue knit caught my attention.

The second time I went there I only walked way with a lime green/pink plaid flannel fabric $1.00 yd, which I made lounging pants for my daugher. Which reminds me I need to stop there again... she is wearing the heck out of those
Sue said…
Love those tops you are making. Looks like great fun at the PR day out!
Michelle said…
Great job on the top, what a fantastic fabric! And what a great opportunity to meed everyone on the shopping day. I am glad you had a great time!
Andrea said…
Nice job on this one. I love the way the lines on the blouse move like waves. I remind of the ocean. This one is a winner.
Ah you should have put the story of how you found the fabric in your post! It is quite interesting!!!

The top is lovely but you always manage to find the kewlest knit fabrics. And how you held your composure while in Metro is beyond me! :)
Tanya said…
That fabric is TDF and only 1.00/yd I'm green with envy but I know you will rock it.
Monique said…
You and Andrea meeting fun!!!!
alethia said…
Beautiful fabric and great top. But the price was fabuloussssss!
Aminat said…
Beautiful as usual....
Anonymous said…
That's why I don't like shopping with others--the pressure, lol! Glad you were able to restrain yourself.

The top is so cute!
c-ing said…
How exciting. What an adventure to "boldly go where...(you know the rest.)"
That place is a fabric haven.