After the Holiday Sewing & Crocheting

Hello All and hoping you had a Beautiful Holiday. 

    My Singer HD-110 finally arrived just in time for Holiday sewing, at least I thought.  I was too tired the night I received it to open it, but got up early the next morning...umm like 3:30am and proceeded to unpack it, got it threaded and ready to test.  Within a nano of pressing the foot pedal a needle broke....WT*?!%.  I removed the broken needle inserted another one and again the needle broke... I went through this process for 4 needles and was totally miffed.  Despite it now being  4:30am, I kindly woke up my guy to help me figure out what was wrong.  After showing him what I did, with sleep clearly in his eyes he checked the machine and in his Barry White voice informed me that the shank was off causing the needle to hit the needle plate.  The machine has to go back...humbug.

So what have I been doing since that dreadful morning.... more crocheting of course.  I've managed to bump out another Simple Shawl in Red Heart  Heather Grey yarn. All done in single crochet.

This project took me 2-1/2 days and provided instant gratification.  I started another one, but this one will take some time, I'm using Angora Extra (70% Angora / 25% Wool / 5% Nylon) in Rubino, which I purchased form Robin during her Yarn Blow Out Sale.  The yarn is soooooo soft and using it for a shawl is the perfect project.
Since this project will take some time I took a break and revisited Simplicity 2850.  I thought I'd retired the pattern, but ummm nope.  Since I've acquired 4 batches of knit prints in increments of 2 yds, I realized that S2850 was the best pattern to use for the prints and again the pattern didn't fail me.  I've become addicted to bold & funky prints and have taken to pairing them with my collection of sweaters.  The four tops I made during Faye's Month of Tops have been in heavy rotation.  They work well for work and also for the weekend, just grab and go.

With the temps in the 30's, wearing just a knit top with slacks or a skirt under my coat is not doable.  So I am enjoying playing-up my sweaters with the bold prints.  A great way to had a splash of color or more likely a batch of color to an otherwise dowdy outfit.

Off to begin cutting another one.... Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Still Patrice said…
Booo @ needles

That shirt is way too cute though!
Angelia said…
what a downer about the machine....
but beautiful crocheting!! and great print on that top!
NGLaLALa said…
Cute tops and shawls! Great job! I'm not very good at crochet but your shawls are so pretty! Sorry about your machine! Hope you get it back soon! Happy holidays as well!
Adrienne said…
That sucks@ the needle!!! I broke a few on my emb machine and it was NOT a happy time for me lol.

LOVE that top!
Virtuous said…
Hope your holiday was blessed! And so glad you are still sewing, crocheting and knitting! :)

Great things are to come in 2010!
Susan said…
Really nice job on the tops and shawls.

Sorry about the machine. That is too frustrating.
Anonymous said…
Bummer about the machine! Though I think my DH would've cussed at me if I woke him at 4:30, LOL!

I love the shawl -- it's so drapey and that color is classic. And that shirt is beautiful.
Knitaholictoo said…
Love the shawl...beautiful color. The bold print is gorgeous. Love how you paired it with your sweater.
Anonymous said…
Great photos. The shawl is beautiful.I can understand your disappointment about the machine.
Kathi said…
Sorry about the machine, glad you have other sewing related skills to fill the void! The shirt is gorgeous. Again, I love your choice of fabric!
Sorry to hear about your machine destroying needles. I love your shawl, it's gorgeous. The other outfits are beautiful. I love them all but am partial to the black jacket. Beautiful !
jae said…
Sheila,I'm shoppin sewing machines. Do you know anything about a Singer Fashion Mate? What should I look for? I heard a top loading bobbin is a good thing.
anything else I should look 4?
youre my inspiration!!
Thanks for posting the instructions for the shawl...mine is up on my blog and I just need to find some more yarn in a brighter color for another version! Thanks so much for inspiring me to get my crochet hook out again!
toy said…
love the shawl and great tee, I love how you paired it up with the brown cardigan, very cute.
Anonymous said…
Hi Sheikaz I'm a lurker love your shawl Please tell me where I can purchase the pattern for shawl
my email is
Your Sister In Christ
Lynda said…
I am loving that pink and brown print...too cute!!!