Sewing Slump

First let me Thank You for the helpful suggestions on how to fix my Dolman Dilemma, however New Look 6852 is No More.... yep you read right... No More!  Carolyn directed me to Kathy's technique and I also took into consideration Faye's suggestion on using a gusset to alter the underarm, but quickly realized that I had to deal with side front & side back panels and opted out of that option.  Then I checked Sandra Betzina's and Towanda's technique on scooping out 1/2"+ to raise the underarm, again ran into the problem of the side front and side back panels.  If  the coat had just the back and 2 fronts I could've worked it and come out a winner.  I proceeded to try my own thing and the more I tweaked and pinched the worst it became til I realized after several hours... that I'd botched the jacket.   Let me tell you I was in a fit of fury.. to the point I had to go to sleep to keep from being destructive... yeah I was that pissed at myself. 

After a restful nap, which calmed me considerably, I dove right into making another coat, but a different pattern Butterick 4902, using this fabric

I managed to cut all the pieces and underline the back, front, side panels & sleeves with material I'd purchased from Greenberg & Hammer, which consisted of some type of shiny nylon-flannel back material.
At some point I wondered if my sewing machine could handle the several hours I'd been sewing and the joining of several layers, but I pressed on determined to make up for the botched coat fiasco.

Finally, I started to see the sun beyond the clouds, despite it being 2:30am, tried it on and everything was good.

Around 4:30am, I decided to press open the seams on the underside and tediously stood over a steaming iron and pressed only to realized when I tried the coat on that serious puckering along the seams was running rampant and the coat stood away from my body as if I had a petticoat under it... my eyes started to glaze over, surely thinking I was not seeing what was reflecting back at me from my mirror.

Here is a closer look at the coat puckering in all its glory....uggh

I believe the backing to the underlining did not work well with the heat.... ya think?  I then figured, throw it in the machine and just maybe the fibers will relax, but Nope... the seams continued to pucker and pout.  By 6:00am I was at wits end and decided to proceed with topstitiching along the seams in the hopes that it would rid the puckering and what happens, my machine's LCD screen beeps and displays "stopped for safety purposes"... I actually yelled out loud Ya Gotta Be Kiddin' Me....NOT NOW! continued to force the machine to sew, but no luck and now my machine has to be sent in for servicing... by 9:00am I was down right exhausted, mad and hungry after working on that coat for 12 freaking hours... yes12 hours at some point I fell alseep in my sewing room.

So I've been in a sewing slump, just aimlessly wondering around in my sewing room, doing nothing productive....but I feel I am slowly creeping out of it.  I decided that I needed a machine that could handle several layers of fabric and after emailing Adrienne about her Singer HD-110, placed an order for one and patiently awaiting its arrival.  Thanks Adrienne.


As for the status of the coat, I am not sure what will become of it, the coat has been washed twice and despite it being softer its still puckering and pouting as it hang on my mannequin.  yeah... just hanging all puckered out.


Faye Lewis said…
You pulled a all nighter you poor thing. I know the feeling of an all nighter as well as a project that just doesn't seem to want to cooperate. I'm on my second pair of pants this month and am satisfied with both, but not really if that makes sense. I think you need a quick predictable project...sorry about your machine.
Amanda S. said…
OH NO! WHAT a horrible story! I'm so sorry for you. I just hate it when I get in a wadder after wadder slump. Hopefully this new machine will work better for you. Hugs. :)
Melodye said…
I feel your pain. I actually considered puting a window in my dining room wall one night when my machine locked up. Here's hoping this slump ends soon. Hopefully your new machine will help.
urbanknitrix said…
Sorry to hear about your woes with your machine. The upside a new machine. Hope all is well.
NuJoi said…
I admire your tenacity. Sometimes life throws us curveballs. Take what you can from the lessons and move on. Look at the bright side - you have a new mcachine to enjoy.
Tanya said…
Now you know you broke all the sewing rules, some times you just have to walk away, I know it's hard and you just keep thinking, if I try this or that, I say this is the needlework gods telling you to pick up your neglected needles and knit or crochet something lol. Seriously don't fret we've all been there done that, you're an awesome seamstress and if you want a coat I know success is right around the corner, just don't stay up all night trying to get to that corner :-)
alethia said…
WOW! I don't know what to say. I am not an expert, the pulling could be caused by the tension. Anyway, the bright side is that a new sewing machine is on the way.
Well, you certainly did nothing wrong. You did give it the old college try though. The new project is very nice. I love the color.
Lynda said…
Hi Ms. Sheila,
Sorry about the coat, however when you throw out something that was not working you can move on to something that will work. I have a Christmas party to go to on Friday night so I will be up all night sewing. Wish me luck!!!
Lesalicious said…
Love the fabric you picked can't wait to see how your coat turns out. Great job so far.
Ma'at said…
I'm sad to hear about the coat and the machine, but to be myself I must say this is the Craft Goddess's way of trying to convince you to go knit/crochet something lol.