Drum Roll Please....

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my first contest.  Most importantly, I appreciate all of you for visiting my blog, sharing your thoughts and lovely compliments.  Its been a fun-filled 5 years and looking forward to more.  I had a speech ready about how blogging has allowed me to meet such beautiful people, the wealth of knowledge that I get on a daily basis and .... ok...I am getting long winded....lol.  I am sure you get the jest of what I am trying to say and in short, Thank You Blogger Friends!

Ok... without further ado... THE

 Rachel @ A Sewn Wardrobe

As the Winner you will receive

4 yards of Bottom Weight fabric in Khaki as well as 2 yds of sheer abstract fabric in black/taupe/cream.


Please email me with your contact information.


Dang ! I slept through another contest ! OH! Congratulations Winner, Congratulations !
Tanya said…
Wait a minute, how did I miss this? Oh well lucky Rachael and at least I get to enjoy reading your blog, congrats on 5 yrs.
Faye Lewis said…
Congrats to Rachel! I don't know how in the world I missed this giveaway.
Aminat said…
Congrats to Rachel and happy 5th year anniversary
Mary Saray said…
Way to go Rachel! What a great prize! I can't wait to see what you make with it!
Anonymous said…
Oooh, lucky Rachel! Congrats to her!