Miscellaneous Crafting

as we are continuously blanketed with snow...

My guy loves his dogs and wanted a dog design embroidered on a t-shirt.  I was able to find a dog design over @ Embroidery Library, instead of a t-shirt I did it on a towel.  It was the closest I could get to a german shepard and blended various colors of thread to achieve the right shading and depth and feel I got the right balance.  I ended up removing the wayward stitches along the hind legs, not sure what happened there.  I embroidered the name Roco, which is the name of one our pet children using the built-in fonts on my machine.  

I am qucikly learning that my embroidery machine can be persnickety.  The bobbin thread kept pooling underneath the fabric when I was working on these 2 designs, which caused them to be off kilter when I attempted to restitch over the design.  I  continued to stitch on and learned that my machine does not take kindly to metal bobbins, only plastic ones....a lesson learned.

Of course I had to do something for my daughter and stitched out nail polish bottles on a towel, she is always painting her nails.  I used metallic thread to add sparkle.  Embroidering is still a learning curve for me and again my machine dictated what it will and will not do.  Working with metallic threads can be tricky in that it twists up and creates a kink that works its way through the machine and causes the thread to break.  To prevent that, I adjusted the tension and slowed down the speed which eliminated the kinks.


I am enjoying candle making, it makes the house smell sooo good.  My first batch of candles were poured into 4oz jars, but this time wanted to try making stand alone candles.  The first time I tried my hand at making stand alone candles, I used vegetable cans, which I rinsed out and dried.  However, after melting the wax and pouring it into the cans and allowed to solidify... ummm I couldn't for the life me and others get the darn candles out of the cans....lol  Refusing to be daunted, I went in search of cups that could withstand the heat of the melted wax and found 5 oz cups at my local discount store and with a few taps against the bottom of the cup... the candle popped out. 

Now, I need to remember to use longer wicks and perfect smoothing the top of the candle. Parrafin wax tends to shrink and a hole is formed along the wick as the candle cools, thereby I have to fill the hole that is created with leftover melted wax. When filling the hole I tend to overfill and end up with a not so smooth surface, so further experimenting is needed. I also purchased soy wax, which I read is longer burning than the parrafin and think it will work better for me.  I burn a lot of candles in my fireplace and could use longer burning candles... so I'll see how that works out.

I finished off my week of miscellaneous crafting by making aloe vera and also shea butter petite soaps. They are so cute, the family really likes the soap and after making  a few large bars for them made some petite soaps and placed them in a glass bowl to decorate the bathroom.  My daughter said it looks like a bowl of candy....lol

For now I've gotten my miscellaneous crafting fix out of the way... off to cut some fabric.


Lori said…
You have been busy. I read in Martha Stewart's magazine - when trying to get old candles out of glass votives, put the votives in the freezer for a few hours. Then the old candles come right out. I don't know if this will help in your candle making but maybe.
Angelia said…
I love your candle lite fire place!! Beautiful!!
Glad you're having fun with your embroidery machine.. my machine does best with those pre wound bobbins.
Look like you have lots to keep you busy while its cold and snowy!
Faye Lewis said…
You are an all around crafter. What kind of embroidery machine did you get???
Kelroc said…
I just love candles and yours are beautiful. The candle burning in the fireplace sets a beautiful scene.
You've done allot and the embroideries all look great.

The fireplace place looks very inviting and cozy :) Great idea.
Sheila said…
Thank you.

Although the fireplace is a wood burning one - several years ago while watching HGTV fell in love with a fireplace makeover using several candles and have been burning candles since then.

@Lori: great tip - I stopped @ Joann's & caught the sale on 16"X16" pillows. Looking forward to embroidering the fabric that I will use for the pillows. Thanks for inspiring me.

@Faye: I have a Kenmore Elite 19005 - its great for embroidering items for gift giving.
Cas... said…
I bet your house smells wonderful. I must try making candles one day. I'm still working on decorating my home.

Keep up the good work!
Tanya said…
How fun, love the candles and embroidery, the soap does look like candy, very pretty.
Mz.Choize said…
The craft bug has truly bitten you, how busy you've been! I love the wrapped soap, too cute!

How's the throw with the soy compared to the other, I thought about using soy too, but scent throw is my deciding factor!
T. Joi said…
Love it all. I have been wanting to try my hand at both candle and soap making. Maybe I will.
So nice is that photo of the fireplace and candles. That must have been a nice sight to see coming through the door. It's not so much that you are crafty, you are a quick thinker. You're sort of a McGuyver crafter. You're a McCrafter. --- Okay, I'm just being silly now !
Andrea said…
Girl, you are crafting your butt off, and I LOVE IT!!!! The candles and the soaps look great. I love the hand towel of Roco, and Aly's nail polish towel is too cute.
Cennetta said…
Great embroidery and lovely candles.
Adrienne said…
Go head girl! That's one of my favorite embroidery sites!