I'm Biased

ETA: Bias Tape Tutorial by Cindy

yes I am. I coveted the Simplicity Biased Tape Maker since its inception and being a notion girl and all,  knew I had to have it.  Despite having tons of purchased bias tape, I longed for bias tape in the same fabric of the garment I was working on. I'd purchased several clover bias tape gadgets earlier on, but every time I tried to make bias trim I encountered burning fingers.  So last week while in Joann's, I grabbed the SBTM and cradled it in my arm as if it was a newborn and was determined to buy it.  I spent a good hour in the store picking up other items I needed.  However, my purchasing power was halted because it was on sale which prevented me from using my 50% coupon.... so that was a no go, despite wanting it so badly.

My Sewing Sister Faye directed me to a young lady's blog (whom I can't recall and appears I forgot to flag the site) demonstrates how to use a straight needle in connection with making bias trim. Faye if you remember the link please resend it. Thank You.

and I also found a few more tutorials:

Collette Patterns using the clover bias tape maker
Patchwork Underground using fat quarters
Sharon Stroud using the bias tape maker with the handle down
Love In Stitches using bias trim for stain glass look

After reading the young lady's instructions a dozen or more times, I immediately did it and totally love her technique. I used fashion fabric to make bias trim for this blouse and want to share how I made bias trim for my 2nd SMOT.

I used the left over from this fabric which is a charmeuse.  Also, I used the back side of the fabric which has a dull finish, instead of the satin side that was too reflective.

with the fabric laid on the diagonal, I cut several 2" strips

I placed one strip atop the other and cut the edges straight

at the sewing machine I placed the 2 strips on a 90 degree angle and stitched diagonally across

pinked the edges of the 2 joined strips

and  continued sewing each strip in the same manner to desired length

moving to the ironing board, I inserted a needle between the iron board cover with 1" space to feed the fabric through.  As I neared the seam lines I pressed them open before feeding the rest through the needle

and presto... my bias trim was borne

I used the bias trim on the neckline instead of serging according to the instructions

and on the sleeves instead of serging and folding to the inside

Here is a pic of the my 2nd SMOT using New Look 6915 again. 

I also made a belt from the fashion fabric too.

Definitely check out the links above, the tutorials are more detailed.... so enjoy..


Handmade said…
Totally agree! I use Bias Tape Makers ALL THE TIME! I quite often use them for making thin straps rather than doing the whole loop turner thing. Also, there are a few ways of making continuous bias strip when you don't want to cut 45 degree angles and waste a whole lot of fabric - most sewing books have the instructions. and ... LOVE your cool belt!
velosewer said…
You are clever. The tape just keeps your top looking great.
arnysews said…
Thanks for the tips and links on the bias tape maker - I'm definitely going to try the 'handle down' method.
Your top is lovely, well done.
gwensews said…
I have all the sizes of the Clover bias tape makers. Still, I want that Simplicity one!
Faye Lewis said…
Here's the link: It's Cindy from Colourbynumber.blogspot.com.

I am seriously in love with this tutorial - no more struggling with those little things that don't work.
alethia said…
Thanks for the tutorial and love the blouse.
Opal said…
You are on a roll... I picked up that pattern yesterday and hope to get as much use out of it as you have. I love the new blouse and the fabric is pretty. Thanks for the tips on making the bias tape.
Sheila said…
Thank you.

Thanks again Faye. I've added the link via my cell phone and hope everyone can access it.

Also a big Thanks to Cindy.... sewing life is good :)
That's a very pretty top and I love the belt you've added to it! What an interesting way to make bias tape! I've long since perfected the other method but I'm glad that you found one that works for you!
Adelaide B said…
This shirt is so beautiful!
Tanya said…
Very cute, love the fabric and the bias tape info, I will have to give that a try.
Michelle said…
Your top turned out gorgeous! Thanks for all the links and info about bias tape.
Susan said…
I really love this top. The color is amazing and your finished piece looks so professional. Great belt addition to boot.
Kelroc said…
Another fabulous outfit. I like.
Robin said…
I've been thinking about getting one of those Bias Tape Makers myself. I wonder if any are cheap on Ebay....