Maxing Out Butterick 5147

 to the hilt.  I have worked B5147 to the point that I have tape covering every inch of the dress pattern piece.  To date I have made 4 dresses: one using Vera Wang's charcoal houndstooth plaid, the second one in a deep brown plaid boucle, the third one I made a reversible dress using knit fabric.  The fourth dress was completed yesterday.  The name of this pattern is so appropriate - Lifestyle Wardrobe, since I've managed to make a garment from each piece in the pattern envelope, which includes the jacket and the skirt and each time I wear one of the garments I think how so in sync the garments are with my lifestyle.

I'd made the skirt two weeks ago, but somewhere in the mist of going through my pattern stash and having cut 8 patterns, adding to that my sewing room being in total chaos I failed to do a post.  I finally I wore the skirt to work and upon arriving home that day, decided to do a post... welll why for the life of me I couldn't remember the pattern number. My mind was a total blank.  Then figured, I'd inadvertently put the pattern back in the cabinet among the others, and went through each pattern making a huge mess in an attempt to locate the pattern for the skirt.  The search was unsuccessful and sat among my scattered patterns scratching my head and thinking how in the world could I not recall even the picture on the pattern envelope.  Went through the patterns agaaaaaaaaain, cursing and sighing as I sifted through them.  Now, I am totally miffed.... again no luck wth finding the pattern.  Decided that I would try again the next day, thankfully it was a weekend and popped up early that morning and proceed to get to the bottom of the missing pattern... again no luck.  I began to think about what my family often tells me... that I am inhaling too many fibers and slowly losing it.... seriously I was beginning to believe it.

While talking to my Sewing Sister Andrea I mentioned to her my dilemma and she assured me that it will show up and continued on with other sewing related topics.  We ended our conversation and as I began fiddling with items on the shevles above my inpsiration board....  SMACK dead in my face was the darn pattern, pinned to my inspiration board........DUH!!!!  Can I safely say that I didn't see the pattern envelope being that there are numerous items pinned to it as well.     I had to call Andrea back to tell her what an A-hole I am seriously... I told her to say these words along with me Sheila is an A-hole... she laughed heartily.

 Now that I've located it... here is the B5147 skirt paired with New Look 6483.

and with the matching jacket

The garment is a bandless straight skirt with front & back darts, back zipper & back slit, hitting just a few inches below the knees.  The skirt went together quickly and I made minor alterations by removing 1/4" from the side seams to eliminate the puff-puff appearing at the stomach area and shortening the length of the skirt.  I love the sheath dress that I made from the same fabric, but felt the skirt worked better with the jacket than the dress.  I will definitely make another skirt from this pattern and have made a note of same, since I have a proclivity to forget pattern

Lastly, the fourth dress from B5147 was suppose to be another reversible one, but I do not like the opposite side of the dress.  Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to use a red satin-like stretch fabric, but it just doesn't look good on me and it shows my ummm designer elements.  So it will be worn on just one side.  Also, I opted for short sleeves on this dress.

The fabric for Dress #4 was a gift from my Sewing Sister Andrea and I totally lovvvvvvvve it.  Its a lightwight charcoal knit with a minimal print.    Here are a few pics of both sides of the dress during construction:

Dress without the sleeves and rolled the neckline of the red side to show along the neckline of the grey side:

Here is the red side and if one looks closely at the neckline there are runs, also there are ripples along the front darts...uggh.   Not sure where I purchased the fabric, just that its a satin-like stretch fabric... so I coined it the mystery fabric:

Here I added the sleeves from Butterick 3843

Close-up views of the neckline with lace on the red side to conceal the runs after I fray checked them:


Dress rehearsal with a zebra print belt I'd made... This fabric shows everything, not only the ripples along the darts, but reveals my uneven darts too more reason not to wear it on that side:

Not sure about others, but I hate changing the threads in my serger, and kept the red thread in the serger:

Different views of the Grey dress:

Hopefully, I will have pics wearing it, I'm currently in the Madea mode.... until then keep on stitching.


Anonymous said…
Wow, you are really working this pattern! That's awesome. I love this rendition. That fabric is to die for!
velosewer said…
Great work. You definitely have a well planned wardrobe that fits you to a T.
Anonymous said…
Hee @ Madea mode. I don't believe it.

The suit is cute -- I love that collar on the jacket.

And the zebra belt really finishes off that look.
I truly love all your garments made with this pattern. The reversible one is such a great idea.

lol..I know the feeling about not finding something in your sewing room..I"m playing hide n seek with pattern hooks right now....I can't find them anywhere and I'm sure they are right in front of my face too, but they just want to play a little longer I guess ;)
Tanya said…
LOL, you always make me laugh. LOVE, the skirt and jacket and the dress it TDF, I bet Andrea's sorry she gave that fabric away. I really like the red with the zebra belt maybe for an evening look hummm.
Lori said…
Fantastic new dress, the fabric is so perfect and I like the sleeves. You are going to have to buy another copy of this pattern at the next sale!

Also, fantastic skirt. Do you have anymore of the plaid left?
Sue said…
I love the fabric in that grey dress! It is great to see someone getting a lot of use from one pattern it makes up for all those other patterns that never even get cut! :)
Handmade said…
WOW - I love that grey fabric - very distinctive! You've got some cute stuff goin on!
alethia said…
The pattern has become your TNT pattern. A TNT pattern makes sewing sooooo easy, just cut and sew. Love the grey dress, too bad the red fabric did not work out
Sheila said…
Thank You.

I tried the dress on again after lightly pressing down the hems and have officially decided that the dress will not be reversible, since I looooooove the grey side only. The red side will just work as a lining, I am so not feeling it.

Since I have not purchased clothing in 4 months I've been on an accessory buying mode, handbags, shoes and belts.

I decided that I would do better making my own belts and have taken to making belts from the left over scrap fabrics instead of chucking them. now I've sworn off buying belts... lol

@ Del: On any given Saturday & Sunday you can find me walking around my home looking like Madea in housedress and My daugther always ask me where is my pistol... I tell her in my pocket.. so don't piss me off... *giggling*

@ Lori: I have scraps left from the fabric and will make a belt from it. I also have the fabric in the Charteuse, but only purchased 2yards and thinking I will make a skirt and belt from that.
First can I say that I love the gray fabric! You definitely find some interesting pieces and use them to their best advantage.

Second you have used that pattern well. You need to fuse some lightweight cheapie interfacing (in the pkgs from Joanns) to the pattern pieces so that you can keep on using them.

Third and most importantly - that's another wonderful rendition of the dress!
Wow, you're really smoking with this pattern. Great job.
gwensews said…
That's a great wardrobe. Nice sewing!
Shari said…
The grey dress is very pretty! After seeing all the wonderful pieces you have made from this pattern I went digging in my pattern stash and can't wait to sew up some of the pieces. Don't you hate it when you can't find a pattern it makes me mad as a can be and then close to tears silly I know but you know what's it like when you are so focused on sewing up a certain pattern.
Heather said…
You have definitely got your money's worth! :-D The gray dress is my favorite!
Andrea said…

You did a beautiful job on that grey dress. I LOVVVVVVE!!

by the Tanya, I didn't give the fabric, I gave Sheila 2 yds, I still have about 3 yds for myself.=)
Angelia said…
Beautiful clothes! That minimal print is darling!
I love getting my moneys worth and then some from a pattern.
Your disappearing pattern story reminded me of searching for my lookbook a few days ago.. I was tearing the place apart and it was right on a shelf in my face!
Angela said…
Love the skirt with the jacket! The whole suit ensemble is stunning as well as your new dress. I just love the print on the dress and the red side with the sash is very nice, too.
Sister said…
Love your clothes - beautiful! (Sounds like you have a touch of my Mad Cow Disease.)
Carol said…
This pattern is worth it just for the jacket. I'm just planning a three piece wardrobe from a pattern like this and I'm surprised I haven't done one before. I lost 5metres of off white tricot lining this weekend past, so I decided to tidy up my sewing room.