Crafting & Wrestling

ETA:  In order to get a handle on making wrestling tights I figured why not make a pair for myself using New Look 6983.   

I'd purchased this pattern for the tunic top only and decided to use the crop pants as the muslin. The pattern calls for a woven fabric, but used a dark grey t-shirt knit. Using a knit, I went with the smallest hip measurement for the pants which is 38" and with my hips at 40" I cut a size 10, serged the seams and ended up removing another 2" from the side seams and an 1/2" from the center seam.

Thereafter I used 1" non-roll elastic for the waist and getting a comfortable fit, I then tapered the bottom leg starting 3 inches from the bottom and removing about 1/2" for a tight fit at the ankle. I serged the raw edges of the legs and used 1/4" clear elastic for the hem.

I triple serged all the seams and did some high energy calisthenics to ensure that the seams would not part

Now I have a pair of wrestling tights that would be useful when I get back to exercising.  Ok... on to making wrestling pants and crossing eyes, toes and fingers as I journey along :)

* * * * * *

Using's Big Boutique Box Kit together with my circut expression I made a gift box.  Measuring 10x10 with  Classic Black II/Date Nite two-sided cardstock by Luxe Designs.  Ok... what was I thinking when I made this big ol' box, however it immediately became useful for storing some crafty paraphernalia. :)

While surfing the web for some more crafty ideas, I came accross this cute tutorial at Crafters -
The Coffee Filter Rose...
 It looks a little like a rose...
Disregard the glass of  wine it wasn't used to make the flower...:)

Added some color with water and paint and there you have it.... need a lil more practice minus the wine.

If you don't want to make them check out Mommy Makes Roses

At 5:00am instead of hitting the treadmill, I made a card to send to a dear friend.  Used colorbox chalk ink, Michaels notecard, EK card punch and floral brad....quick and easy

Enough crafting, I need to make a wrestling outfit... please don't ask... but it needs to look something like this...

 My niece loves wrestling & playing in her band... (umm yeah... why can't I remember the name of the band or her wrestling stage name... bad auntie... smacking hand) and has been doing it since high school and continued performing throughout college, now a recent grad from Purchase College. With lil more free time she can be found tackling her opponent, strumming her guitar or spending time with us during one of our food shopping marathons.

Here is the swimwear fabric she selected while at Joann's - silver metallic and royal blue metallic fabrics.

While I try to make wrestling gear...everyone have a great weekend.


Anonymous said…
Your pants are awesome! They are suprisingly flattering! My husband wears skin tight shorts when we cycle, and I keep telling him that he looks more thin when he wears those than when he's all covered up in khakis.

Your niece sounds like a really cool girl.
Faye Lewis said…
Thank you for your recent comment! I clicked over to your blog to leave this post, and then had to go back to the kitchen to check on my pot of chicken and dumplings. While in there I heard this music and thought "where in the world is that music coming from?". I know I'm the only one in here and I know I didn't turn the radio on. It was a welcome surprise to find out the music was coming from your blog. Wouldn't want to think that I had an unknown visitor in here with me (lol). Love your tights! Wouldn't they double as leggings for the fall/winter season too? If you don't mind me asking, why the elastic in the hem of the pants?
Sheila said…
Thank You. As of 11:37pm I have not started my nieces wrestling outfit. Hopefully tomorrow.

@Faye: The ankle circumference is very narrow and also knowing that I would be straight stitching the hem (loosing the elasticity in the process) - I added the elastic to ensure that while putting my foot through I would not rip the stitching.
Miriam in KS said…
Are you using wooley nylon thread in the loopers? This will help preserve the elasticity in the seams. 'Cause that is going to be an awesome outfit for her.

(Long time ago I made my youngest brother a singlet for competitive weight lifting--the school didn't have any that fit his long torso or girth. That's how I learned about the wooley nylon in the loopers.)
Sheila said…
Thank you so much Miriam for the info. I used regular thread for my stretch pants and glad I did not start making my niece's outfit yet. I will go out today for the wooley nylon.

Also, I printed out a few shapes, a lightening bolt, diamond and others in the hopes of using them as appliques. I am thinking to serge along the edges of the shapes and them sew them on while the pieces are flat.
Valerie said…
I hope you sew up the tunic also for us to see! I love the look of this and can't wait to try it myself.

Love the pants! They look flattering and comfortable at the same time.