End of a Crafty Weekend

Happy Sunday All,

    Finished my last crafting project for this weekend and feeling that I have moved up a step on my list of gifts to make.

    This gift is for my brother's GF whose birthday is today.  She loves embroidered towels and what better gift to give her. 

 I used the Victorian Scroll Tarapunto Alpha design from Embroidery Library for the bath towel and fingertip towel.  For the washcloth I used the Confetti Alpha, which requires color change, but I opted for one color.

Of course, I had to make a gift box for it and instead of going with the templates I have from SVGCuts.com this time around, I used a box that I scavangered from work. The boxes that office supplies come in make great templates for making gifts boxes and the one I used was a Smead supply box.

I used  Luxe Pashmina 2-sided cardstock and with my trusty hot glue gun... became this

The cute ribbon is from a co-worker, she receives gifts often and graciously gives me her gift boxes and/or ribbons. 

A pic of the card from last nite's post, showing more of the bling I used on the cake :)

That's All Folks... have a Great Sunday.


Linda said…
Wow, you were productive. Very nice towels, like that embroidiry design.
Jackie said…
WOW Sheila, that is so beautiful! And the box too! Everyone will want to receive gifts from you just because they are so lovely and you've taken such care in the gift and how it's presented.
Lori said…
Sheila, what a beautiful present and the box is beautiful, too. Your brother's girlfriend will be thrilled.
Ummm, do I need to remind you of when my birthday is so that I can get one of those fantastic boxes! What an awesome gift!
gwensews said…
Very pretty towels, and wow--box as well. You put a lot of thought and effort into a beautiful gift.
gold said…
What a beautiful gift! Love the gift box.
Sheila said…
Thank You.

It was an enjoyable weekend of crafting and the good thing about it is, not having to run around looking for a gift, card or a box.

@ Carolyn... just let me know..lol
amber said…
I'm not quite sure how your blog hasn't made it onto my reader yet! Love that you're not just crafty with sewing, but paper goods, too. :) Beautiful box and towels - I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled with them!
Rosie said…
Wow Sheila - they are just stunning!! Thanks for the continued inspiration.
NuJoi said…
Beautiful! You have such a creative spirit.
Mary Sarah said…
Well, I'm late checking your blog again, but Wow! The embroidered set is gorgeous and your gift box and card are amazing! What a great gift!!!
robin said…
Wow, I am super impressed with the towels and the box! What a gorgeous gift!
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