I Had An Awesome Saturday

filled with beautiful weather, meeting new friends, online friends IRL, seeing dear friends again, fabric shopping, walking, eating, a lot of talking, more walking, more talking and did I say an Awesome day.

Our first stop was Elliot Berman, and I learned he opened just for us.

As soon as I walked in I spotted Terri Stevens from Project Runway Season 5

Andrea & Terri at Elliott Berman

Rachel & Johanna

Elizabeth & another young lady (sorry I can't remember her name) in the aisle @  Elliott Berman

Robyn, Carolyn & Andrea @ Elliott Berman

Liza & Terri

Next stop was Metro Textile

We entered in full force...lol

Robyn & Jenny

 We stopped for lunch @ Village28 where we had the pleasure of chatting more about our passion for sewing...lol.

Rachel, Nancy K, Elaray, Johanna, Emory

Robyn, Heather, Jenny

Cindy, Karen, Paula, Emory

Our next stop was Mood.. Nancy K, Rachel, Karen, Jenny

Alethia, Carolyn, Paula. Andrea, Elaray, Heather, Nancy K & Karen

Beautiful draping @ Mood

Bumped into Terri again @ Mood


Another draping

Paron Fabrics... Paula, Andrea, Robyn, Heather, Candy

Candy's dress is gorgeous... if I remember correctly it was white silk and then handpainted by her... Awesome

My fabric haul: L to R: Retro print lining from Mood; Sage Pinstripe Shirting &amp Grey/Blue lining from Paron Fabrics; Cranberry/ Boucle /Charcoal Grey & Black & White knit from Metro  

My haul from Pacific Trimming: Wooly Nylon threads, marking chalk, chains for making costume jewelry

Last but not least... my Weekend Wadder...uggh more on that later.

Have a Great Week Everyone


Omega said…
Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Wish I was there...:-(
amber said…
How fun!! Looks like you gals had a great time. :)
alethia said…
It was great to see you again. You took some great photos at Mood.
Indeed it was an awesome day
Sister said…
Oh, I'm so jealous - look at all that fabric and all those people who like to sew. Uh, can I have your wadder? You know, if you're really throwing it out? I'll trade you my first wrap dress, which is also a wadder!
Clio said…
Wow, sorry I missed it. What a great haul!
How in the world are you calling that dress a wadder??
Angela said…
Oh how fun!! I was just in the area on the 21st!
Cas... said…
I want to come to New York just to do some fabric shopping. Now if I would only sew something! LOL!

Hey would you meet me and take me to all your favorite haunts? I would love it!

I also need your e-mail address again. I had to delete it because of a virus!

Your wadder looks good on your dressform
Rosie said…
LOL - Sheila - very happy you got me from afar :o). It was great to see you my dear and meet up with the other ladies as well. Hmm may be we need a late fall/early meet up.

I see you found the wooly nylon - great going.

Now why is that a wadder?
Jackie said…
Looks like you all had a great time! I had a wadder from the weekend too, but I'm not showing mine. Yours is cute!
robin said…
Wow, you got a lot of great pictures!! I really enjoyed meeting you IRL. I look forward to hearing more about the wadder, as it looks good on the dressform...
Carol said…
I am so envious. Every time I see one of these days out on someone's blog, I vow to move over there so I can join in. I'd like your wadder, too. It looks terrific. Curious to hear the back story now!
It really sounds like a lot of fun.
Your fabrics are beautiful.
Handmade said…
Ahhh, you're killing me -- TOO MUCH FUN ..... I want me some!!
Jenny said…
Great to meet you, Sheila! What a great day. That's a pretty hot-looking wadder!
Ophelia.K said…
Wow they are a big group of people! How fun!
Your dress looks awesome as always! I wish I could sew that neat.
NuJoi said…
It looks like everyone had a great time. I love your new fabrics
Adrienne said…
Looks like a ball was had by everyone! I've got to get to NY next year lol.
Heather R said…
It was great meeting you. You're beyond advanced beginner BTW. The wrap dress looks awesome from the front. Like everyone said, take a little out in the lower back. Then you'll be one hot chicka walkin' down the street! :)
sewabeginner said…
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