She is Such a Dear

Robin at Yarn Crawl awarded me the Beautiful Blogger Award... Thank You Robin.  Robin noted that she was blown away when she met me  in person.. Can I say that is an Ultimate Compliment... blushing....    And to further mention that I offered  good practical tips and tricks on my crafting was awesome to read and Priceless.  Now if only one could see me in my sewing room short-circuting over pattern instructions ... one may have others words for me... like umm yeah what the hell is wrong with


As you may know from my previous post, I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Robin this past weekend and she is such a dear. It was fun to meet so many like-minded people during the fabric excursion and chat about our projects,  likes and dislikes and walk away with a wealth of information. Let me tell you Robin is serious when it comes to her fabric... sister-friend knew what she wanted and went full throttle. I had mentioned to her during our fabric excursion that she is my Shero of Wrap dresses.... matter of fact I have put B5309 on hold and of course will be working on wrap dresses for the holiday  In being a good sport here are Some  Interesting Facts about me:

1- Can be very anti-social;

2- A serious hothead when provoked… nothing passive about that…lol

3- Love and I mean love to meditate… anytime & anywhere; if only I could take exercising that serious.

4- I have been a crafter for years, but only now realizing that I am fully in my element, possibly due to finally having my own sewing/craft room;

5- I am a spoiled brat and learning that I can’t have it all... at least that what my guy tells me, but he fails to realize he is the culprit;

6- Have finally come into myself… didn’t realize it would take approaching 50 to accept my idiosyncrasies…lol

7- Wake up each day with a positive attitude, provided I don't have a glass of wine the night before...haha

Of course, I would love to insert my Google Reader list, but that would be stretching it... So I would like to nominate all that visit my blog... awww come on now... you know who you are...

Signing off with another handmade card in the making.


Angela said…
Beautiful card!
Lori said…
Great cards.
Faye Lewis said…
I cannot even believe that you are a hot head!
You're getting addicted to papercrafting too! Gotta love that Cricut.
Cas... said…
Nice card!

You totally deserve the award. Good for you!
Trudy Callan said…
I loved reading these things about you. It brought a smile to my face and a chuckle. I really appreciate your honesty. You sound like a really neat person. I perused your blog, and you have created some really great things; so therefore I am honored to add you to my blog roll. Thanks so much for adding me to yours. I look forward to reading your future posts. So glad to have discovered you through your comment on my blog.

God bless.

Mary Sarah said…
Hi! Great card! You definitely deserve the blog award. You blow me away with everything you do! I know what you mean... I've finally come into my own and I recently turned 51. Geez, but Yeah!
chines said…
Whoa, you are me and I've only recently started following your blog. It's funny, whenever you have a new post pop up in my google reader and I have to click to open the full page I get snarly--Until I see your load page with all your beautiful work.
Rosie said…
Sheila, I have had the pleasure of meeting you so I can attest to you are absolutely delightful, inspirational and funny! LOL I can see the "passionate" side of you. You deserve the blog award.