Season's Greeting

Although I haven't posted in over a month, I have been checking out your blogs and everyone is definitely getting their sewing & crafting on.

Despite it being quiet on my end, I have been busy and wanted to share what I've been up to.  Let me introduce you to Ms. Savannah, xmas gift from my daughter.  Isn't she the cutest, so tiny... weighing a mere 3lbs.12oz. 

I've been doing a little sewing, I wanted to change out the curtains for the season and instead of going to various fabric shops and lugging around bags loaded with fabric, I decided to revert to my early days of sewing.  Prior to learning to sew garments, I mainly did home dec sewing and would buy sheet sets as my source of fabric.  I ventured to A.J. Wright and was able to score twin size sheet sets for $8.99 each. 

Bedroom #1, used flat sheets, sewed rod pockets and cut and hemmed the bottom... quick and simple.  For the valance, I use the coordinating pillow slips, slit them open and again sewed rod pockets and hem the bottom... presto.  I used fabric paint to make the fleur de lis using a stencil.

Next, my favorite place in the house and where I spend an exorbitant amount of time when not working.  Again, sewed rod pockets and since the curtains in this room only needed to be 62" long, I used left over fabric to make the valance and added red quilt binding.

This is a sneek peak of my favorite room which is jammed pack, as it serves as my dressing room, sewing, crafting, hairstyling, meditating, watching tv, reading...  just to name a few thing that I do in

Room #3 needs to be done, but haven't gotten around to ironing the sheets yet.  I still need to add  contrasting layers under the cutains I've made, again sheets are waiting to be ironed, which is not so quick.

A good portion of my time has been monopolized with crocheting.  I've completed another top down cardigan in an attempt to write up my version of the stripe cardigan by Gail Tanquary, but ended up detouring from that by adding cables... so I am doing another one and trying to stay true to what I

I used Premier Yarn for this cardigan

this one is worked up in Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Forest Green Heather, now if I could finish the 2nd sleeve.

Oh and does anyone remember this ....

which has since become this... incorporating brown faux leather strips... but its been in a state of limbo, not sure where I'm going with it.

My knitting needles have been hard at work too. I am doing another cardigan which is a modified version of
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Open Necked Pullover. This is my 2nd time around with her pattern, which is perfect for modifying... I guess you can call me Modifying

Ok... what else have I been up to....mmm... oh yeah..  Cardmaking has been a fun diversion, here are a few of the holiday cards I made. Totally easy using google images, saved them to a folder and printed on photo paper, used different color cardstock for the underside, printed a sentiment and glued to the photo paper.... quick and easy and a great way to make cards when time is of the

here are 2 of my favorites one using glitter & lace and the other one just using floral embossed cardstock and printed Happy Birthday on it & topping it off with a ribbon.

(pardon the blurry pics -I've been using my cell phone camera, since I'm too lazy to put batteries in my camera)
Lastly, I am enjoying making bath sets & monogrammed towel sets for family and friends..


and enjoy making boxes for the gifts using cardstock.

That's what I've been up to and Thanks Dear Blogger Friends for checking in on me.

 Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Holiday & Happy New Year.


Sheila said…
Some how all of my comments were deleted in my post, but wanted to Thank you all for the beautiful compliments.
Tanya said…
You were missed, don't stay away that long again. Your puppy is too cute for words what a great Christmas gift. Love all your crafty goodness. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very Happy New Year.
Monique said…
Wow! You have been busy! Merry Christmas!
Sister said…
Precious puppy! I remain amazed at how you have the time for all this craftiness, and the crotcheted things are gorgeous as usual! Merry Christmas to you.
Clio said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looks like you were on the NICE list this year!
Madelyn said…
My goodness, you have been busy. I can see why you haven't been blogging. Enjoy the puppy, so precious. Hope you're enjoying your holiday!
Rosie said…
Sheila - Savannah is adorable! Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jackie said…
You have been busy! Everything looks beautiful! I haven't blogged in over a month. Been busy doing other things but I managed to get one of the dresses made for my granddaughter for Christmas and the other just cut out.
Wishing you and your family a blessed & healthy new year!
HeathersSphere said…
Such delightfully adorable projects, Sheila! You are very talented! I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. I cannot wait to see more of your projects!
Faye Lewis said…
Thank you for the shower curtain help Sheila. I'll soon be cutting up some sheets also.
Kimberly said…
What an incredible display!

I wish I were organized enough to have that much going. Such beautiful items!

Hope your Christmas was Merry!

Your puppy is darling!
Myra said…
Sheila you have been really busy and love what you've done! I definitely have no room to last post was "black friday", November 26! (Bad Myra!)
Myra said…
Oh and I almost forgot...little savannah is just goregous!! Great gift from your daughter!
Syl said…
Beautiful presentation. The recipients are very lucky people. ANytime a person makes a gift for me, I feel that they went to extra trouble.