Butterick 5147 Skirt Podcast

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Misses jacket, top, dress & skirt

Slim fitting skirt

B5147 Jacket & Skirt

Skirt with RTW jacket

T-shirt & skirt

Couldn't think of another pose... so another shot of the jacket & skirt

Kay Whitt

Show Notes:

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Cennetta said…
Great Podcast. You know, last year I officially put this pattern in my TNT stack because of the nice little dress. (I need to make another one. Lol). You have made some impressive outfits and I like them one.
Peggy's Closet said…
I enjoyed your podcast very much! And I LOVE the latest version of your skirt!! I'm going to try this pattern.
Sister said…
Sheila! I love your podcast - your voice is deeper than I thought - it's so freaky to hear somebody talking when you had a different idea of how'd they sound. (Like you might not expect me to sound as red-neck as I do...or maybe you would - lol!) You look gorgeous in pink, by the way.
Patty said…
I enjoyed both podcasts, keep up the good work! And now I've added B5147 to my list B4 it goes OOP :-)
Sheila said…
Thank you ladies.
My voice has always been & continue to be an eye opener when I speak. At work and at previous jobs I use my library voice and often oddly asked if I sing... I chuckle and tell the person... sure do.. anything akin to barry white...lol

At a prior job a caller was irate and decided that I was going to be his target and continued swearing and this & that. Well I gave it right back and immediately he wants to report me to HR. He said I need your name young man you are not being professional... blah... blah and I deepened voice more and told him it was Ben... now go tell that...lol

Its not funny but worth telling a caller asked me if I had ever given thought to being a telephone host.... all I could say was No Sir and transferred his call with a quickness...°_0

Tales of Callers.
Myra said…
Great podcast and I bet your doggies are sooo cute...especially the Yorkie!!
Very nice pattern and you are stylin' it as usual. I love that you can wear the little skinny belt. Very nice. -- So funny, I gave out three Ipods as Xmas gifts last year. Why didn't I get one for MEEEE ? You and a few other folks have inspired me to order one. Yeah, I'm behind the times...
Clio said…
Great podcast! I'm sewing a jumpsuit at the moment, but I'm thinking about (finally) trying to learn to knit this fall. Do you have any suggestions for good beginner books?
Sheila said…
Thank you.

@ Carolyn: Wide belts really don't do much for me since I have a short torso.

@ Clio: I've only been knitting for just a few short years and learned using Coats & Clark knitting Made Easy Dvd. You may be able to find it at Joanns cheaper than Amazon. It was just what I needed to get me going.... definitely check it out. I wish I had my knitting dvd, but loaned it out and never got it back.
SewOm said…
Hi Sheila! I loved the podcast! 10 minutes is a good length of time - not too long, not too short. And I love what you've done with Butterick 5147. I'm looking for a good pattern for a suit jacket, and that one is quite tempting, especially worked up in that plaid that you chose.

Also, I love Kay Whitt's book. It so colorful and the models are all different shapes and sizes. I hope to see you make something from the book. I'm sure it will be inspiring.
Mary Sarah said…
Hi! Great podcast! I'm late getting to listen. Now, 5147 is on my list of patterns to get. I love the last skirt you made from it!
LOVE the latest version of your skirt!! enjoyed your podcast very much.
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