With the summer coming to a close, I thought I'd share my End-of-the Summer projects that I plan to get off my sewing table in the next couple of weeks.  My EOTS projects center around garments that I made over the summmer and are some of my favorite pieces.
The EOTS projects include remakes of:

         Butterick 4157         Butterick 5606,                 Wrap Dress                       McCalls 6282
                   Skirt                        Dress                          RTW template                   Drape Neck Top


These are great Summer-to-Fall transitional pieces which I coined double duty garments. Just a matter of swapping out the short sleeve cardigans for bracelet or long sleeves cardigans or blazers.  For the wrap dresses, I will do long sleeves instead of sleeveless and the skirts will also be paired with cardigans/blazer or long sleeve drape neck tops.

Although I have not sewn in 3 weeks, I have been scouring the fabric stores and these few pieces followed me home :)

Abstract knit                  Lightweight Stretch Denim      Geometric knit
 (Virgo Fabrics)               (123 Fabrics )                         (Fabric Sav-a-thon)

Medium weight cable knit  Abstract poly/lycra Knit    Black jacquard poly/cot
(Virgo Fabrics)                     (Fulton Fabrics)                          (123 Fabrics)

Dk. Grey     Grey/blk       Teal Paisley    Graduated           Black Denim
Suiting          Jersey Knit    Poly/lycra     Dots -Poly          Look Knit

If I keep on the straight and narrow, I'm looking forward to a holiday weekend of sewing.

What garments will make your Summer-to-Fall list? or Are you jumping into just sewing Fall garments?

Have an Awesome Holiday


Lori said…
Great EOTS plans, you did find some great fabric on you shopping trips. I have a couple knit pieces I could sew up for the end of summer. Currently, I am making a couple more jackets for my daughter.
alethia said…
What a productive summer, I love everything you made.
Shawnta said…
Gorgeous fabrics! My mind is on the fall but since I don't know what fall is like here I should be doing more transitional pieces.
marysews said…
The first thing I noticed was that your light jacket will go with the geometric print. You have a lot of future mix-n-match going on! Really cool!
I love the fact that you've been out enhancing your fabric collection. It doesn't make me feel bad about the big*ss box that arrived at my apt a couple of days ago! *LOL*

Can't wait to see what you make up this weekend! Oh...I've moved onto fall sewing...it's going to be nice to have new fall clothes hanging waiting for the weather to change!
Mary said…
Great plan and very ambitious, but I know you will do it! I always admire your ability to pick the exact right print to go with the design. I have moved to fall sewing and actually am sewing for a friend.
Handmade said…
Oooh those lovely lovely fabrics!!!
Faye Lewis said…
Our weather has me messed up mentally sewing wise. I know we are entering fall, but with 98 plus temperatures I don't feel I can fully make the jump into fall. I'm planning a few transitional pieces to tide me over.
Mary Sarah said…
I'm so glad to know you're ok after Irene Last weekend. I love the fabrics you found. I would love to make a few pieces, but free time will be scarce for the next few weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed & hopefully find some time to sew.
Tanya said…
I've had a bit of a dry spell too but I really want to get some sewing done this weekend, of course I'm drooling over your fabric.
toy said…
wow, those are some pretty pieces can't wait to see what you use them for
Myra said…
Oh my what a lovely collection of fabrics you have!!! If you're like me, I know you just can't wait to cut into them and get started! I love your EOTS collection of patterns too...each one of them beautiful!

My sewing for this cruise has taken every moment of my sewing time and I'm afraid I won't be making anything for the fall. When I can back, I'll be moving directly into winter sewing! Although, winter in Florida is probably like fall where you are! Can't wait to see your newest projects completed! and thanks for stopping by with your great comments about my first maxi dress. Good luck on your holiday sewing weekend!!
Adelaide B said…
I can't wait to see how these turn out!
MAD14kt said…
Alrighty Sheila Baby...you better work it!!! :)