I'm Here

and doing a lot of blog reading, keeping up on everyone's creative doings.  Crocheting has been monopolizing my time and with the weather cooling, I have picked up my crochet hook and going non-stop.  Most of the sweaters I am working on are for kids and a great way to use up yarn stash that's insufficient for making adult sweaters. 

Great-nephew sporting his lastest shoogi sweater...umm... I mean Sheila Sweater...lol

A lil sewing has been going on, made Simplicity 2766 & New Look 6951 for my Mom

 It seems everytime I visit mom, I have on one of my funky abstract tops and she stated the next one should be for her....lol

Made a few items for vacation New Look 6915 top & New Look 6150 (shortened the skirt) .
(fabric from Sav-a-thon:  blue poly/lycra)

Another New Look 6915 paired with Loft slacks
(fabric from Jay Fabrics, a new fabric spot @ 52 Willoughby St., Brooklyn: Cream cotton/spandex

My Vacation was AWESOME went to visit our baby girl... she has never been away for so long. Its such a joy seeing her blossoming and at the same time so many images parade in my mind's eyes as she ventures on and trying to grasp that my baby girl is not a baby any more...

Posing in one of mommy's embellished outfits

swimming lessons.

School Days sporting mommy's crochet creation..

College Days... sporting her own crochet design

Fashion Shows


and Now Ms. A.RMY.


Battalion buddies
... enjoying it all ... and bracing for her next challenge

Of course, what is a vacation without a pit stop for fabric,
 Burgandy faux leather @ Walmart in Columbia, S.C 

also in brown

Stretch Cotton from Chez Fabrique-House of Fabrics

Well that's what I've been up to... so back to blog reading.....

Hoping Everyone have a Great Weekend...


Clio said…
Wow, you've been busy! I love the blue top.
They grow up fast don't they! Hope all goes well for her in the military. You've also done quite a bit of sewing which is lovely btw. I love how you make more than one piece from a pattern - really working those multiples!
Tanya said…
Awwww, it's a blessing to see your daughter grow into such a beautiful young lady. Love the sweater and as usual your fabric picks are stunning.
Adelaide B said…
There's so much here to comment on. Love the crochet and sewing projects! It's hard to watch our daughters grow up. My daughter is graduating college this year, and I still remember when she was only 7 pounds. Oh well. Good luck to you and your daughter!
Faye Lewis said…
Isn't it great to see our children grow up and go out to conquer life. Me and my Mom were talking about you the other night. I told her you were busy crocheting.
GodsgirlT said…
Love this post! The nephew's sweater outfit is too cute...and so is he! You always make beautiful creations and I love how you produce in what seems like large numbers! Yes...they do grow up fast. I know you must be very proud of her! I WISH our Walmart stores sold fabric! Nice picks!Take care!
Aminat said…
You've been really busy. All your creations are so lovely, what a cute nephew abd DD you got there. Wishing her all the best.
alethia said…
Yep, they grow up so fast,and I pray that she is going to be safe in the military.
Sister said…
Awesome sweater, and your daughter is beautiful! Makes me feel better, with my baby at his first Homecoming dance, but I know 4 years flies by. My sister used to live in Columbia - just moved to North Carolina. Who knew that Walmart had cool faux leather?!
MushyWear said…
I don't know where to start. Such lovely things you've made and such a beautiful family. Glad you had a wonderful vacation!
Carol said…
You're too young for a daughter that age!!! She is lovely and you must be so very proud of her. Looking forward to seeing what you make from those lovely fabrics.
Mary said…
Those are wonderful photos! I love your wardrobe/sewing photos and as always, take inspiration from them. Your daughter has grown into a lovely young woman-you must be so proud.
Monique said…
Wow! They sure grow up fast! I'm pretty sure I remember that purple crochet outfit from a post some years ago. LOL! I know I remember a post where you said she designed her own crochet outfit. I was impressed. Does she still crochet? Probably much too busy as a government official to craft. ;-)
Thanks for sharing Sheila.
Myra said…
Not much sewing going on??? I'd like to see what you could do with more time on your hands!!! You've been really producing! Love your work and can't wait to see what comes off your crochet hooks soon!!

You daughter is abosolutely lovely...don't they grow up to fast??!!
Wow, look how she has taken on the challenege of adulthood. My daughter just turned 18 last month......it only takes a blink of an eye. Prayer for her success in whatever she does.....she will do fine !
del said…
Awwww, so glad you got to see your baby. I can't even imagine, as I have a few more years to go.

You've been creating while you've been away, that's for sure. Love the crocheting.