When You Just

can't find it in your heart to wear it.  I made this dress back in August.  It was a third go around making Butterick 5606, my first two attempts yielded a different take than what the original pattern called for. 

My first time around working up B5606, I failed to note that the fabric needed to be two-sided and when I did notice the errors of my ways...lol, I'd already cut the fabric.  To make it work as Tim Gunn likes to say, I modified the ties to an independent self tie belt.  Wherein, the pattern instructions called for the ties to be sewn to the side seams of the dress.

Really liking the look of my modified B5606, I made another one...

Both dresses were perfect worn with a blazer and without.  However, my true reason for buying the pattern was the convertible styling of the dress, so after procuring black fabric, back to the cutting table I went in an attempt to create the convertible dress.

The convertible dress was borne and all seemed well at least I thought.

 I have tried on several occasions to wear the dress and each time I tried, I never made it out the door.  One of the major reasons, the ties are cumbersome and they tend to shift.  I looked at the dress again for the umpteenth time and pledge that I will remove the ties from the side seams and turn them into self fabric ties.

Question for you, what garment(s) have you made that you just can't find it in your heart to wear and why?


I do have a jacket and dress combo that I haven't worn yet because the jacket just isn't working for me. The jacket looks better belted but I want the dress underneath to show. I might be able to dow something with it next Spring. If not, out the door it goes!
My Butterick 5600 dress...and it's totally my fault. I didn't buy enough buttons for the front of the dress and it has to be pinned to be worn. Well it was worn once and that's it...it hurts my heart because I love the fabric and the buttons...
I like that dress and I like it on you. I don't see why you don't like it. I have a similar pattern that I won, but it's strapless. And one of many things I cannot do is strapless. So I will use it in my classes.
Adelaide B said…
I go through my closet every six months or so and cull out the items I don't really wear. For me, the mistakes usually come down to poor fabric choice or fit issues. It's kind of heartbreaking, but I hope I learn something from each unworn garment.
toy said…
This is food for thought, great post.
I have one garment I made this year that I haven't worn its V1151
It fits good but everytime I see it I think of my 17 year old cousin
and I can't bring myself to wear it. I am keeping it though
its a reminder to make things I know I will wear because its My Style
and not every trendy new pattern that "looks good".
Irene said…
Now that you bring this up... There are a number of things in my closet that need some "attention to details" that would make them much more wearable. But that would mean actually bringing them down to the sewing room and dealing with those "details", instead of ignoring them where they hang. If something isn't working for you and it's fixable, it needs to be fixed to give you the pleasure of wearing the garment. And now that you brought this up, it's got me thinking that I really should tackle these "problems" instead of ignoring them. Safety pins and the like can only do so much.
Cennetta said…
Most recently, it's Vogue 8717. I made this suit back in July/August 2011. Of course, it's my fault. I'm short waist and High waist just make my torso look even shorter. And the bolero jacket doesn't quite fit my back. I've put this suit on at least three times to wear, but end up wearing something else. This weekend I decided to cut a few inches from the top of the pants and make a waistband so I can at least wear the pants. I'm going to donate the jacket to good will. That's one of my little sewing misfortunes.
Clio said…
UUgh, that stinks. I hate it when things don't work out. Luckily, I haven't had that happen in a while. My first pair of pants were that way because I never really felt like they looked professional enough.
MushyWear said…
All of these dresses look wonderful. Usually if I don't wear what I've made it's because it's too business like for my casual lifestyle. But I'll probably keep making things like this for the challenge and because I don't want to just make t-shirts and shorts or skirts :)
Sister said…
I've worn my orange retro-y shirt twice and just can't stand the way I look in it - it's longer than anything else I have and makes me look and feel really hip-py. If you don't feel good, you won't wear it.