Creative Painting

which I thought I'd share after reading Elizabeth's post on Creative Urges.  I love crafting... seriously love it.  Yes I love to crochet, sew & knit, however, I love dabbling in other creative craftiness too.  Everyday I have creative urges that keep me busy and crafty

My Saturday morning was quietly spent dabbling in ... glass painting. I have accumulated many vases over the years and some have found new homes, some remained waiting to be repurposed.  Since, I love burning candles, painting a glass vase to house a scented candle was perfect.  Candles are perfect for subtle lighting, especially during the cooler season and after a hard days work, add a glass of wine to the mix and the mood is set for relaxing the evening away.

Glass paint: PermEnamel Paint
Rubbing alcohol
Stencils (optional)

I started with a floral sticky stencil, but after doing 2 of them the stencil became a hot mess, despite cleaning it with alcohol.  Thereafter, I free-hand, which included a lot of wiping off and re-painting, but after a few hours, I had it under control and went with the flow.

With a glass of wine at the end of a lovely saturday, I enjoyed sitting in my livingroom and enjoying the ambience and decor.

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Adelaide B said…
Looks fun!
Lori said…
Very pretty job.
Clio said…
How fun! I know what you mean - so many crafts, so little time!
del said…
Ooooh, I love it. You are definitely multi-talented.
Adrienne said…
Oh looks like it would be fun!
Monique said…
Very nice. At first glance a few at the top reminded me of the little guys swimming towards the eggs. LOL!
Anonymous said…
You are so multi-talented!
Irene said…
That came out very nicely. I have all kinds of vases around. I think I'll give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration!
Sheila said…
Thanks everyone.

@ Monique, you are hilarious, but so right.
syl said…
Is there no end to your genius?:) Beautiful