Infinity Scarf Bonanza

all started after reading Carolyn's post on making Christmas Scarves.

 I was totally inspired and made a list... checked it twice and during my lunch break headed to my favorite spot, Fulton Fabrics.  Checked out different fabrics available and went for the knits.  My mind was bubbling overtime, the sales clerk was likely thinking I was on something.... my eyes were huge, hands gesturing & pointing to the fabrics I wanted cut and jerking back & forth as he proceeded to pull the various fabric bolts out.  Settled my bill and headed out the door, of course, the day I decided to do this, was a tad bit too warm, had on a too warm coat & had to walk 4 blocks back to the train station in high heels.   One block away and I was a sweaty hot mess, the streets were croweded with vendors, local office workers, shoppers, etc... as I teeter tottered on my heels with 20 yds  of  58" x 1-1/2yd  fabrics. I must've looked crazed, pedestrians were parting the sidewalk like it was the red sea... ok... I'm being overly , but must've had some crazed look on my face 

Since I wasn't scheduled in the office on Friday, it gave me time to make scarves for family, friends, & coworkers.  I was able to complete the scarves for my family thursday nite and spent the better part of Friday working up more.... they are so addictive.  I followed Secret Life of a BioNerd's tutorial... Awesome instructions.

Thursday nite batch of Infinity Scarves.

Of course, I had to snag a few for myself

sporting a Crochet Hat made by my Daughter
and although you can't see them, I scored a pair of awesome suede boots @ Nine West
...they are super comfortable & great traction.   I'm thinking about the leather ones...mmmmm

ok... back to the matter at hand... my sisters loved the infinity scarves and asked if I could make them one or two more... umm yeah.  I also gave them as gifts to my co-workers who also love them.

I wrapped them in tissue paper and organza fabric,
 topped them off with ribbon and there you have it.

I still have a few more to make and mail off and if you haven't tried an infinity scarve... please do... they are  easy to wear and versatile. 

Thanks Carolyn for the inspiration
 until then Have a Joyous New Year.


Glad I was able to inspire your new addiction! *LOL* But I have to tell you I'm jealous of how you wrapped your gifts. Me, I wrapped mine in tissue paper and stuck them in gift bags...your version is so much prettier! Thanks for the DIY tuit - it's pretty much the same as the one I used but it was interesting to watch!
del said…
Those scarves are gorgeous! And you wrapped them beautifully. Sounds like a great gift idea for next Christmas -- way faster than knitting scarves!
Cennetta said…
These are so kewl. All things crafted are beautiful, even the wrapping paper. Like mother, like daughter. She's good.
MAD14kt said…
Sheila Baby, all that looks fine and dandy but HOLD UP...was I not on Santa's List this year...ROFL ;D
Carol said…
I'm going to have to try these scarves. Now I live in a colder climate I'm going to need them and they look really great. I love your wrapping, too.
alethia said…
You did an awesome job with the scarves and you did a great job in the way you wrapped them. OK, I love the boots, I am off to 9-west and as usual you are rocking the heck out of the scarve and the crochet hat.
Candice said…
I love your Infinity scarves! And the wrapping was just the icing on the cake!
Irene said…
An amazing lot of scarves! I agree - they are addictive. Your wrapping is inspirational!
Mary said…
They are so gratifying to make. Yours look pretty and I love how you wrapped them. I made a braided scarf a few weeks ago for my hair stylist.
Rosie said…
The scarves are lovely and the wrapping is great. This is definitely a nifty idea for next Christmas. Looking great as usual Madame! Happy New Year!!
Sister said…
Awesome scarves! Thanks for the tutorial link - it looks really easy and quick. I bet my sister would wear one (she's not in steamy south Alabama with me)! Happy New Year!