New Look 6831 Faux Cuff Tutorial

Wanted to share how I made the faux cuffs for the New Look 6831 tie blouse.  I felt the blouse deserved a nicer sleeve finish and created cuffs.

The fabric for my second NL6831 is a black/white cot-poly gingham and the fabric for the contrasting cuff is from a twin size sheet. (Whenever I can and if they are on sale, I purchase cotton/poly flat sheets, they are sew handy. Perfect for muslins (which I rarely do), interlining, blouses and more.


To determine the full length of the sleeve and cuff, I started with the sleeve basted together, sliding the sleeve up to the edge of my shoulder and taped it... yes I taped the sleeve to the edge of my shoulder and fold the hemline of the sleeve to desired length. Removing the sleeve, I take one of the cuffs and baste stitch it to the fold line of the sleeve, and then place a pin where I want the cuff to end, preferrably a little below my wrist.

To create the cuff, I used swedish tracing paper and created a cuff measuring 12" x 4"

I cut 2 burgundy cuffs & a set of the b/w gingham fashion fabric, and interfaced the gingham fabric on the wrong side using Pellon fusible interfacing.

Next, I placed the burgundy & interfaced cuffs wrong sides together and positioned along the fold line of the sleeve edge.  Making sure to place the contrasting cuffs to the rightside of the fashion fabric.

Centered the cuffs and cut off the excess

pinned the cuff to the fashion fabric rightside and serged.

With the sleeve on the wrong side, I stitched down the seam allowance.

Now that one end of the cuff has been stitched to the sleeve edge, I then press a fold hem for each layer at the other end.  I wanted a smidgeon of the gingham fabric to show below the top cuff, and pressed it so that it was longer than the top cuff.

Used my all time favorite steam-a-seam and pressed both layers together to temporarily hold the fabrics together.

Using burgundy thread in the top spool holder and white thread in the bobbin, I edge stitched the cuff on the right side.  The cuffs are basically completed.... just a matter

 of serging the seam of the sleeves.  Once the sleeves' seams are serged, I baste stitch the sleeve to the  armhole of the blouse and try on the blouse to taper the cuffs around my wrist (make sure you do not taper the cuffs too much in that you will not be able to pull your hands out.... ummm yeah.... ask me how I know.

Well there you have it... faux cuffs.


toy said…
very cool! The blouse came out great
Faye Lewis said…
Thanks for sharing Sheila. I'm bookmarking this under sewing tutorials.
Adrienne said…
LOL Now that pic makes sense lol. Looks great!
Minnie said…
Wow, you are so talented. I am just in awe!
Irene said…
Lovely blouse! Your sleeve finish is definitely superior to the one on the pattern.
Cennetta said…
Way to go, girlfriend. The blouse looks super smart.
Myra said…
Sheila, I really like this blouse you created! I have this pattern too and have only used it once. Think I might pull it out again! Great job! Question, how do you determine what color thread to use for making your buttonholes when the fabric is multi-colored? Just curious if you have a TNT process.
Sheila said…
Thank you and hope the tutorial was helpful

Adrienne: haha

Myra: Good question, I went with the white thread for the buttonholes but should've used black thread after the fact. With that... I don't have a sure fire answer. However, its food for thought on my next one.
Victoria said…
Lovely blouse! I've always been curious about this pattern!!
Handmade said…
Such a pretty and versatile blouse - great tutorial - thanks!