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Hoping everyone had a beautiful holiday and enjoying leftovers and relaxing.

Wanted to share my latest obessession, Gelish Polish by Hand & Nail Harmony ...

Keeping my nails chip free & shiny is a challenge, also I am hard on my hands. When its time to clean, I always forget to put gloves on and just go full throttle with cleaning, contributing to my nails chipping.   I learned about Gelish from my DD, who thought it was something that I would be interested in and also spoke to a young lady that had it done via a nail salon @ the cost of $30 and to remove it for $15.00.
Being the DIYer that I am, I figured I could definitely do it.   I googled it and read numerous reviews about it and knew I had to try it.  I ordered the necessary supplies from Amazon and anxiously awaited arrival...

 My little box kit to store my Gelish products. 
I didn't want to keep them with my regular polish,
which I will continue to use for my toenails.

36 Watt UV Lamp: to cure gel nail polish
Ph Bond: used in the preparation of the nail as a dehydrating step. 
Foundation Base Gel: creates the bond of the Gelish polish to the nail plate 
Gelish Nail Polish: gel polish which comes in a variety of colors
Top It Off Polish: acts as a sealer & protective layer for your Gelish polish
Cuticle Oil: hydrates cuticles and surrounding skin

Followed Brendita's Tutorial on how to apply Gel polish

11 Days later

Using dark polish revealed new nail growth at the cuticle, which I didn't mind,
but there was no chipping of the nail edge....

Normally, I polish my nails twice-a-week and the second application is just to touch up where the chipping occurred... PITA - With Gelish Nail Polish... 11 whole days and no touch-up required.... LOVE IT!  I could've gone a few more days, but wanted to try another color.

The removal process is easy, and again followed Brendita's Tutorial.

Supplies: acetone nail remover, cotton pads, cuticle stick & aluminum foil.

Nails after removing gel polish

Nails after lightly buffing and ready for polishing

I ordered a few more colors after the first week: Taffeta, Reserve, Tiger Blossom, Princess Tiara, & Midnight Caller

The second time around I used Midnight Caller, a silvery grey

first coat of color

Second Coat

Well there you have it my latest obessession...  

 Has anyone else tried Gelish Nail Polish?

until the next time... Happy Holidays


Michelle Jadaa said…
OMG YES!!.....I had it done once in a store as a gift from my sister in law and i was in love.Like you i went and bought everything to do it myself.
It strengthens without damaging the nail underneath,no chipping!I have even done a french manicure with it a couple of times :)
Clio said…
Merry (belated) Christmas!

My sister gets this done at a salon for more than I would pay for my nails. I didn't realize it was available for home use. I think anyone who sews, knits or crafts tends to be rough on their hands.
Carol said…
I use Biosculpture Coloured Gels and have done for some time. It's great that you never have to worry about chipped or worn polish. I used a regular green polish for christmas day and the edges wore off in two days! I haven't tried this brand, but I will take a look. The colours are lovely.
Mary said…
I NEED this product line. Your nails are beautiful, and I really like that silvery gray color.
Linda said…
I have had the OPI gel applied at a nail salon; the same concept. Love that the nail polish does not chip. I have not heard of this brand though. You do a great job with your own nails. I can do a good job on my left hand, since I am right handed but doing the right hand never turns out well.
del said…
Wow, that is impressive! So glad you can DIY and save a ton of cash.
Knitaholictoo said…
Wow that's awesome, I never heard of it. I hate having chips the next day, urrrrr! Thanks for sharing! said…
I haven't tried it because of the dermatologist cautions I've heard concerning the UV rays. Yet I heard another say to use sunscreen on the hands before putting them under the UV light.
Sheila said…
Thank you. I really like the product for the simple fact that I can go for 2 week and not worry about my nails.

@ c-ing: Yes caution must be considered when opting to use this technique and highly recommend using sunscreen. I am currently looking into the LED light as another option for curing the gel polish.
Cindy lemmer said…
Such a pretty color, love the effect and its really just awesome! I love gel nail polish .

Cindy xx