Thank You SewOm

for being inspired by my pattern and wanted to Spotlight You to Say it means so much to me

 SewOm emailed me this dear message....

" I made a sweater inspired by the pattern you sent me. The pattern was easy to understand, but at the time, I wasn't comfortable using slip stitches to make a whole garment. So I improvised. (I probably would've improvised anyway - patterns are "suggestions" for me!) I used herringbone half double crochet for the yoke and borders, and then single crochet-chain for the body."   I made it using a wool, silk, angora blend (sheffield) from

My Response:

"You totally Rock! The sweater looks Awesome and love the color and great stitch definition. I so understand using patterns to improvise, I do it often. I am super happy and your email has me happily emotional, yes I get emotional over creativity.. lol.

Thanks for trying the pattern.


"Thanks for the compliment! I wear the sweater often, and with pride. And I do understand getting emotional about creativity - it warms my heart to make things and to see things that other people make."

SewOm's Beautiful Sweater

Inspired by my Oowee Sweater Pattern

Click here for the Pattern

I've been crocheting for the last 23 years and continue to enjoy it immensely.  When I started crocheting my projects were mainly afghans, lap blankets & baby blankets and honestly didn't think much more about doing anything else.  However, over the last 4 years, I have ventured into  crocheting accessories & garments and love it.  Last year, I created a simple garment that I felt represented my style and  decided to share my pattern that requires basic crocheting skills. 

When I thought about writing a pattern, I was totally baffled in that I was clueless on how to begin.  However, being that I am a creative freestyle person, I decided, despite my drawbacks in designing to go full throttle and made notes as I worked up the pattern.  Wrote some more.... tore up what I wrote and started all over again and  after writing the last row and another sweater, that it will be what it is.   Hence the Oowee Sweater. 

I'm looking forward to creating more basic crochet garments down the road, but wanted to share SewOm's beautiful garment. I give a big shout-out to the designers out there that have and continue to design beautiful garments and hope to reach their status one day.

Again, Thanks SewOm and to Others that have inspired me and continue.


Trudy Callan said…
Lovely design. Both of your sweaters are beautiful.
toy said…
thats awesome, and it is a great sweater
Sister said…
Sharing this with my mom, who just started crocheting again. You have been busy - I wish I had your mojo!
Aminat said…
You are rock gurl.Very awesome
SewOm said…
Thank you Sheila! And thank you everyone else for the compliments and encouragement.
Rosie said…
The sweater by SewOm is lovely (as is your design.
GodsgirlT said…
What a bonus that you were able to inspire someone else with your design cuz you've got yourself a great looking sweater! I love crotchet garments!
Cennetta said…
Ooowee! I see a Oowee Sweater in my future.
Levone said…
Wow, fabulous sweater. I have been trying to teach myself to crochet. You're definilty one of my motivators. Love all of the stuff you make.