The Touch, the Feel

of faux fur.... lol

I have wanted a faux fur for some time and thought about making one for just as long.  However, I never got around to making one.  With the wedding fast upon me like the next day, and wanting to wear one with my dress, and being that I had to make a pit stop at Burlington Coat Factory annnnnyway, it was the perfect opportunity to buy one. 

Burlington Coat Factory use to carry a large selection of faux furs, but guessing they are not in high demand as they use to be.  The faux fur inventory was scarce, but there were sufficient puffy coats and wool coats.  Mixed in the lot of coats were a measly few faux furs and there squashed between a faux mink look alike and a sable faux fur was a cute black one.  Tried it on and it was perfect.

Now, I was ready to attend the wedding.   The wedding was beautiful and had a great time.  Omygoodness there were so many people that after a while I escaped to the children room... Yes... I did... it was too crowded. There was a period of dodging cake... The kids had cake everywhere, if it wasn't being eaten, it was smeared on tables, chairs, hair & on

Of course, the one pic that was taken of the bride and me is blurry with a mix of someone's shoulder and the back of someone's big head... umm yeah. 

The coat was perfect, the temps had dropped last nite and I was as snug as a bug in a rug.

Have a Great Week Everyone.


Cute look! Funny about the children's room and the cake!
SewOm said…
You look fantastic! Great find on the coat. It goes really well with that beautiful dress you made.
Irene said…
Your fur looks spectacular, as, of course, does your dress.
Zuleika said…
lol Funny you had to hide away in the childrens room. It should be the other way around. hehe
Love that coat, it looks great on you!
narcissaqtpie said…
LOL, you sound like me hiding with the children. You looked too nice to be hiding though! Love the dress.
Handmade said…
You look like a movie star!!!! Great combination!
Rosie said…
The coat is fab and as Handmade says, "You look like a movie star." The dress is quite lovely. LOL about the children's room and the cake.
Syl said…
Beautiful coat Sheila I was able to make 1 even though I have one but it is to nice to wear to wrok everyday. But they are very warm. I just have to put the cuffs on and the hooks. Keep Stylin Sista
toy said…
SO LUXE! I love it you look chic
Myra said…
Beautiful! Very nice choice! I think a girl has to have a faux fur at least once in her life time!!

I made one many years ago in my "younger days"! It was all white and soooo soft! It stood out too because I was wearing it in the winter!! Very daring...but I was young and didn't know any better!! Love yours!