RTW Friday: Lavender & Brown

Friday is Here Again... Yeah!!! and another RTW Friday post.

  Its rainy, foggy & 40 degrees in New York which always causes traffic congestion & people to lose their ever.loving.mind.  Tell me... seriously why are people driving so dayumm fast on a rainy day... guess they are not afraid of hydroplaning.  Oh... Psst... parents/G-parents, you know that adorable child should not have that umbrella... its too big and you're acting like you are not aware of him swinging it like a ninja. There is only so much room on the dayummm train for that... if he must have an umbrella give him/her one of those small compact ones.... seriously.   What's up with the umbrella fiasco... its raining and that means the umbrella should be above your head... why the hellz is it being carried horizontally... a total hazard to any unsuspecting crotch.  With all that said, I made it off the road & train and into the office.... safely and...

.... this is what I am wearing today Brown Gold Lurex pants, Bronze Skinny belt from the Loft, Lavender Tank & Cardigan from Target, jewelry...can't remember...lol.  I was thinking... Target really should offer frequent flyer buyer points, I have been buying cardigans with a vengence....lol

Of late, I've noticed that my favorite cardigans are the Cotton, Nylon & Spandex blend, they do not lose shape, great washability, retain color and very comfortable.  There are a few cardigans in my stash that have not worked for me, wool blends... it was itchy despite the small percentage of wool (L.oft); Cotton  became shapeless (C.hadwicks of Boston) and the Silk ones began to slowly fade (A.ugust Silk).

Friday Question, do you have a preference when it comes to fiber content when buying cardigans?


Lori said…
Cute outfit and I agree with you about Target. I have to go to the one in my oldest daughter's town to find anything. The one nearest me is in a big college town and it is always picked over. Cardigans, no wool whatsoever for me. I do prefer some lycra but the wool is what I look for the most.
alethia said…
Yes, Cotton, Nylon and Spande. I love that type of fiber content for the same reason that you explained in your post. In fact that is my favorite type of fabric. I'm going to check Target out. I love cardigans tooooooo!
Sassy T said…
Love cardigans; love the colour of yours
Mary said…
Totally cute outfit! The new Buttericks have a pattern for a real cardi. I'm grabbing that pattern. I live in a shopping wasteland-I kid you not. There is no place to buy clothes. None. I have to drive 1.5 hours over a mountain pass on 2 lane roads, in the snow to go to a Target. whew, thanks for listening.
Sheila said…
Thanks Ladies, there are a 2 more cardigans I would like to get, one of them is a lavender/purple floral and the other is a pink/black floral, but didn't have them in my size and need to check out another Target.

@ Mary, Yes, I was checking out Butterick 5760 and am a fan of their Lifestyle Collection, just waiting for JoAnn's pattern sale.
Irene said…
Great outfit! In winter the only thing that really keeps me warm is wool. It has to be soft - no scratchy-itchy stuff.
Mimi said…
Like your style and love that cardigan!...its seldom that the weather here is nice for wearing one :p
Myra said…
I love this outfit too! I don't own a lot of cardigans, but I should because I really love them! I know the couple that I've made, I really prefer using a Rayon Lycra fabric best! Haven't purchased many.
Beth Huntington said…
I'm your newest follower. I found out about your blog through Goodbye Valentino. You've got some serious sewing talent and I can't wait to see what you have in store for me! I've just recently gotten back into sewing through refashioning, but I'd like to try some pattern sewing.
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