Thank You Sarah


It's so exciting to be nominated for such an award which  is an awesome way to recognize blogs and share appreciation.  Being a part of  the Blogger World has allowed me to meet such great people and the inspiration they exude is so powerful that it's contagious.  With constant inspiration, I find myself constantly trying new things and it keeps me reaching farther in my goals in creating... So keep the inspiration flowing.

I learned of Goodbye Valentino via PatternReview and fell in love with her New Look 6097 dress and quickly began checking her other posts.  She has a great sense of style and looking forward to more as she journey through a year without buying rtw garments.  If you haven't checked out her blog, I highly suggest that you head on over.

In order for me to accept this nomination, I must do the following:
1.Thank and link the person/people nominating you.
2.Share seven tidbits about yourself.
3. List and pass the nomination on to 15 of your favorite bloggers.
4.Copy this picture to your blog.
Some Things About Me:
1) I'm from a large family of comedians and one day I'm going to take people up on their word and do a reality;
(2) I loooooooooove crocheting, sewing, knitting, crafting, just love it;

(3) Once a month Mom, Sisters and I go food shopping that can last up to 7 hours, over the last 2 years, daughters/nieces have joined the crew and its become a totally all out hilarious and exhausting day. The menfolk call us the 3G Girlz  (3 Generation Girlz)

(4) Love me some Feel Good Friday... its the beginning of a fabulous Weekend of  family, crafting & spirits.

(5) My Guy knows how to win my heart with his cooking... his favorite saying is he'd rather pay my credit cards than feed me

(6) Staying Positive;

(7) I love meditating which reinforces # (6)

I have a ton of Favorite Blogs, but wanted to share some linky love of the new & semi new blogs that I enjoy:

 1:   CoudreMODE
 2:   Adonising Dressing for Dinner
 3:   A Fashionable Stitch
 4:   Fashion-Incubator
 5:   The Creativity Exchange
 6:   Rhonda's Creative Life
 7:   Sassy Studio Designs
 8:   Quality Time
 9:   Green Apples
10: Shoes & Sewing
11: Biblioblog
12: Cathie Filian
13: Don't Disturb This Groove
14: Domestically Speaking
15: Let It Be Sew

Have a Great Week


velosewer said…
Congratulations Sheila. You do great work and I love reading your blog.
Rosie said…
This is a well deserved award. You made me feel welcome the first day I met you. I would to be a fly on the wall when you and your family are grocery shopping. I can only imagine what would be going on because you are already such a wonderful character. Thank you for being such a sweet inspiration!
Great post Shelia and thanks for introducing me to some new links and sites! Can't wait to see your suit!